This Is Your Marriage On Drugs
L. Colonna & S. Rosenfeld

This is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else comes of it. I love the illustrations and the way you both write. Lots of poignant bits in here:

“ Because the truth is, when you love a mentally ill person, it’s just like loving anyone else — only harder.”

“I am only now beginning to understand how hard it must be to live with someone who has undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Along with my highs came a level of hubris second to none. I felt smart. I was funny, brave, exciting and dangerous. I worked all the time. I spent whatever I had and borrowed to spend more. Crashing dropped me into despair and isolation. I became paranoid and self-destructive. I was suicidal one minute and putting on a one-man show the next, the lows and highs coming together and exploding into waves of ecstatic misery.”

Keep it up!

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