My dad invented the wah-wah pedal

My dad invented the wah-wah pedal among other game changing devices:

Jimi Hendrix had heard about my father’s invention who then used the pedal in 1969 at Woodstock to a beyond enthralled crowd.

The wah-wah pedal shaped the 70s sound and continues to impact the sound of music.

It’s no coincidence that I inherited his passion for experimentation, especially in the nuclear sciences and in the stock market. After helping discover element 110 and confirm element 106 which we named Seaborgium after my PhD thesis advisor at UC Berkeley, I’ve been creating highly successful trading strategies/algorithms for many years now. My bestseller “How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market” is one of several books I’ve published in the investment world.

My most recent trading strategy/algorithm was up as much as +177% in 2016, and is up nearly +15% so far this year (2017):

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