2048 — I, Social Score
Daniel Hulme

The mere fact that we have read this piece all the way through, and the counterpoint by Daniel on the Utopian view, is an indication that we have felt one or more of these sentiments at some point. What Daniel does really well here is to synthesize these seemingly disconnected data points into a coherent view of the potential threat to humanity along with the hope for the underlying opportunity. The key, as it has been through history and why countries and companies want to control them, are the masses — us. We have moved from the phase of disruptive innovation in technology, to disruptive innovation in society. The balance that we have to strike is, as always, between promise and profit — the stakes clearly being much higher in this phase. The best way then, would be to ensure, as Daniel suggests, that the benefactor is the society as a whole rather than a few that want to control it.