“I am thrilled to be telling you ‘the story behind the story’of Who Moved My Cheese? because it means the book has now been written, and is available for all of us to read, enjoy and share with others.”

— Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D; Foreword to ‘Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson

You see, in my world, social media is really SOCIAL MEDIA. Really. I read about the block chain analysis a while back. The Kanban, too. The Personal Kanban. Etymologically speaking, geeks, nerds, tech freaks, gadget slaves and sundry other “technical” people lean towards a lexicon (not jargon) that serves the user and innovator well. The Uses and Gratifications Guru has arrived. Many times. Over. And I wonder about deployment fantasies.

We are attempting to move around from UX to CX to OX. Not Ox. The Growth Hack has made so many quantum leaps that this is now stuff of mythic tech legend. It’s kinda like saying that The Design of Everyday Things has leaned in. Y’know? Oh and the workflow has been usurped by the work space. Google Spaces to the indissoluble rescue. (<<Insert appropriate Emoji here.>>)

Keeping up with the Valley (THE Valley) could be a new IPO / API all on its own. But the brigade has a diverse portfolio with democratic dividends as the ever-present and advancing ROI. I wondered why the Life Hack continuously stressed on simple things. And then I realized I am a simple ‘thing’ too. B2C, anyone?

Well, disgruntlement aside, I am ready for the new sensation! It’s like we say ‘the next big thing’ so many times and in so many contexts that we have come to believe there really is one. Next big thing. I remain shiny and happy in part due to the life hack’s persistence. And the sun does always shine on TV. Yay!

Thanks to MEDIUM. Thanks to mediation. Thanks, as always, to www 2.0. Follows and unfollows are aplenty. My own advancement has also been acknowledged as relevant. (Including to me.) What more can one ask for? That bag of pretzels seems imminent. Yay?