Fuck You Lil Wayne

Being a Lil Wayne fan in 2015 was already a tedious affair. We were constantly being subjected to mediocre projects, annoying bitching about Cash Money, and the glaring fact that Young Thug is doing everything we wanted from Wayne, but better. Still, on the strength of his previous projects, I was still holding out hope for Tha Carter V and Lil Wayne himself. Having upwards of over 500 songs of his, I refused to write out the same artist who made iconic statements such as Tha Carter II and No Ceilings. However, after last night’s insulting fuckery I’ve lost the slightest of hope and respect I still had and furthermore, realized, almost sadly, that he is far more washed than most are aware.

When I made plans to come down to New Orleans 3 nights, I never thought I’d get to see Lil Wayne perform live in his hometown. But much to my surprise, and delight at the time, I got a text that he was having a concert in downtown NOLA Sunday night. I looked it up and sure enough, he was scheduled to perform at the Hyatt with Mannie Fresh. Having seen Weezy twice live I was ecstatic, especially considering this was in a smaller venue, in contrast to the stadium shows I had seen. I genuinely thought I was going to get an up close concert from Lil Wayne himself. Add Mannie Fresh and the fact it was in his hometown on Easter and my expectations were high. Needless to say, I’ve never felt more robbed of an experience in my life.

As the concert was getting closer and closer, my skepticism was growing and growing. I started to wonder why there was very little promotion for an event, why it was in the Hyatt, why promo couldn’t make up its mind on just what in the fuck the event was. Referred to as an “Easter Bash” in some instances or a “mixtape release party” in others all that mattered was the event was described as Lil Wayne live. That’s a concert to me. Especially with a time slot of 9 PM — 3 AM on a Sunday night and tickets being at the cheapest $50. I had already read rumors of recent shows of his being only 13 minutes long, but I refused to accept that he’d do that to his hometown, especially with a 6 hour window to perform.

The irony of this being described as a Sorry 4 the Wait II event was too comical, as we ended up spending over an hour in line just to get in. This was around 930. The event was in a Hyatt event room, with a laughably embarrassing stage that barely went off the ground, meaning vision issues were going to be a problem for the get go (Lil Wayne is shorter than a leprechaun). My brother and I waited around for a bit while a DJ in a button down shirt played the most lifeless set I’ve ever heard in my life. The crowd was lost so quickly that nobody even reacted to All Day dropping. Then the waiting continued. And continued. Finally at probably around 1130 Mannie Fresh came on stage. He was aight, with a surprise cameo from Juvenile. I say cameo cause I don’t know if what Juvenile did qualified as a performance. Handle of Ciroc in hand, I’d say he made it through on average 2.6 lines of each of his songs before just walking around stage, dapping a bunch of random people on stage. Still, he somehowed performed more than Wayne (in all honesty it was more Juvi concert than Wayne). With Mannie off stage around midnight we thought we were finally going to get the Weezy concert we all came, and spent sizeable money, for. Instead, we were treated to a DJ who constantly acted like Lil Wayne was about to come out. Even more moronic, he was playing classic Lil Wayne songs, without Lil Wayne on stage! Beat Without Bass, Money on My Mind, Hustler’s Musik, and more were all played without even the slightest of presence from the man who made the songs. What kind of fucking bullshit is that?

Finally, at 1:28 the DJ played Trap Queen and I looked up and Lil Wayne was on stage. No welcome, no heads up, no anything. He was just there. Rapping along to a song that isn’t even his. It became very clear very early that he was quite fucked up, as evident by the fact he spent 3 minutes maniacally laughing at how much he “fucking hated” someone in the crowd. We were all just looking around like is this dude for real? Then he went through a few of his Sorry 4 the Wait II songs that absolutely no one was looking for as well as his verses on recent Nicki Minaj verses. I refused to believe there was one person in the crowd who came to hear this shit. And then, almost metaphorically for his career at this point, there was the slightest sliver of hope. Ride for my Niggas came on and the place erupted. In that moment, it felt like the hours of waiting were paying off, that we were about to witness something special. However, that glimmer of hope was followed by an abrupt let down and exit. Wayne would constantly start classics, such as Go DJ and Ain’t That a Bitch, but then proceed to cut them off halfway through. I’m convinced he was reluctant to do any old material due to his issues with Birdman. After going through a few more songs, including Rollin’ and Back That Azz Up with Juvi much to my surprise and enjoyment, it was over. One. Fifty. Five. Just as abruptly as he came on stage he murmured a quick “turn up” cliché and said “we out.” Less than five seconds after declaring the concert was over all the lights came on and everyone was in absolute disbelief. Twenty seven minutes. An event that was billed as 9–3 instead lasted from 128–155. The crowd was furious and in absolute shock and awe that he would do this, especially to his hometown.

Walking out of the Hyatt, I didn’t know what to think. The first thing that I realized was the highway robbery Wayne and his promo team were committing with their promotion. With around 1000 people there, the amount of money Wayne pocketed for twenty seven minutes is appalling. How can an artist do that to their fans? How fucked up are you Lil Wayne? The fact that this is a 18 city tour on top of that mean thousands of people around the country are getting tricked, deceived into thinking they’re getting a Lil Wayne concert when in reality they aren’t.

The second thing that came to mind was how disconnected Wayne is from his fans at this point. Besides clowning on one fan, there was little to no fan interaction or appreciation. And this is in his hometown! This are the people who have supported him since the beginning, who he wouldn’t be shit without, and he chooses to show gratitude with a 27 minute concert. Judging by conversing heard after, it seems that much of those in attendance are in the same boat as me, fed up and supporting him no more.

The most disturbing thing about the entire fiasco is just how washed Lil Wayne has become in such a short span of time. This is a man who half a year ago went on a sold out nationwide tour that was full of energy and excitement. How does he go from that to events with no promotions in hotels like this? Recent trash projects aside, he’s still Lil fucking Wayne, there’s no reason he should be doing shows like this. This is some twitter rapper shit, not a rap legend who could sell out a nationwide tour at concert venues shit. Is he really that lost and incapable without Cash Money (if anything, this is proof that Birdman is to be more appreciated for his role and Wayne isn’t the solo juggernaut he likes to think he is anymore)? I’m just still stunned that this kind of event would come from a veteran of the caliber of Lil Wayne. He’s become a walking #LifeComesAtYouFast. It’s downright tragic.

So this is it. I’m not looking out for Tha Carter V or that probably nonexistent Free Weezy Album. Lil Wayne will never get a dollar from me for the rest of my life. I’ll still grudgingly listen to his old hits, albeit much less frequently and with less excitement than I used to. It’s a shame, but the utter disrespect Wayne has for his biggest fans makes me feel validated in my decision. This is a man who needs to get exposed for this embarrassment of a “tour” he’s doing right now. A man who needs to apologize for frankly lying to and robbing his biggest fans. A man who at this point, I, and many others after this concert, have no more hope in. The jig is up Wayne.

And with that I’ll end this with a big fuck you to Dwayne Carter. Fuck you and your lying promotion, for taking $50+ dollars that you know goddamn well you don’t deserve for that appearance. Fuck you and your 6 hour concert time that turned out to be a 27 minute embarrassment after waiting for 4 hours. Fuck you and your utter lack of respect for your day 1s. Fuck you for making trash music. Fuck. You.

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