The Deep End (Week Three)

The perfect Bitmoji for my feelings

Three weeks into grad school and I woke up yesterday with a tension headache. My brain and body are on overdrive and I’m swimming in a sea of unknown. I’m reminded of a quote, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” — Andre Gide. I’m writing this so I can map my journey and share the useful tools and tricks of Interaction Design applied to everyday life.

In the creative process, I’ve discovered I love sketching (we learned Sketchnoting, which is such a useful tool!). You draw and doodle what you’re learning and it connects your right brain with your left to help solidify concepts in your mind). All of those meetings and talks I could have sketched instead of typed notes!

My first two complete sketchnotes

However after the sketch, I’m getting blocked. I met with the CCA counselor on Monday (we get 10 free sessions!!) and she thinks it’s Impostor Syndrome! How ironic I didn’t see it for myself. Subconsciously I must think I don’t belong in a design program (6/11 of the students have a graphic design background, 2/11 fine art, 1 industrial design, 1 engineer and me). Objectively I know I‘m supposed to be here, but it’s hard to parse it out and something I’ll keep practicing.

We learned about non-violent communication and our different needs, the resulting feelings, and how they change depending on context. For example in school, I need learning, inclusion, peace (internal), flow, and rest/sleep. When those needs are met, I feel invigorated, open, wonder, thankful, and centered. And when they are not, I feel stressed out (THIS WEEK), tired (THIS WEEK), insecure (THIS WEEK), impatient, and hesitant. We are now learning how to translate those needs and feelings into verbal requests. I asked the teacher for more project clarity, what the learning objective is, and for any examples—it helped.

OK, back to reading.