A cracked facade stood in front of the pair. The painting that once covered the wall was now a puzzle of body parts, scenery, flowers, and trees. It had been years since the painting had originally been painted and it was easy to see that the owner of the work never saw it worthy of coming back to fix it. The girl looked at the wall picking apart the imperfections, seeing every crack and line individually. All she saw was rubble and mistakes. The wall was not worthy of saving. The painting was not worthy of being repainted and fixed. Rebuilding would be a waste of time. Just let it crumble.

The boy looked at the wall seeing the cracks and crumbling pieces. As he continued to follow the destroyed story line of the painting it began to come together. He saw the trees as whole, the flowers as freshly blooming, the body parts as whole. He saw the story that transpired in the painting. How the flowers would climb on the trees and would grow so big and so thick and so beautiful the trunk of the tree was no longer visible. How there really was only one person in the painting, a beautiful girl. Her limbs were the trees, her hair were the flowers, her eyes were the stars. The painting seemed to flow together and he saw it. The whole thing. All the beauty mixed with all the imperfections of the cracks and rubble. But he didn’t care.

The girl turned to the boy. “Should we go? This thing is a complete mess, I don’t even see the picture anymore it’s so destroyed.”

“Why would we leave? It’s so beautiful here. I could sit here and stare at this wall for hours.” He whispered.

The girl turned back to the wall perplexed. What did he see that she was missing? She couldn’t put it together. She sat and stared at the painting waiting for the pieces to come together and make sense. Yet the more she looked the more the imperfections became even clearer and more apparent. She couldn’t even see the pieces of flowers or trees anymore. It was all just cracks and dirt.

The two of them sat in front of the painting the whole day in silence. The sun rose and fell behind them.They watched as the changing sun changed the appearance of the wall. Finally the sun set. The girl was relieved. Finally the boy and her would see the same thing, black.

“We should go it’s getting late”

“Ya I guess you’re right.”

They got in their car and began to drive away. The boy looked out the window at the fading blue sky and reflected on the day. He reflected on how the mirror they had sat in front of was so beautiful. How he could just sit there and stare at her the whole day and just watch her. How her beauty changed with the light of day. How he could see the beauty in her cracked facade. How he didn’t see cracks but markings of trials and tribulations that she had gone through. He saw all the cracks and loved them.