Thoughts and ideas. Let’s get started..

I am full of thoughts and brilliant ideas :). Just kidding!

I co-founded a SaaS startup. I do have a fair knowledge on how to execute ideas. When I run into smart folks, I realised that I could articulate my thoughts and ideas quite neatly; I don’t see them bored immediately. But I don’t run in to too many of them. Whoever happened to benefit suggested that the rest of the human beings must benefit too. So, here I am.

When it comes to sharing thoughts, my areas of interest span across building software products, technology leadership in an early stage startup, scaling software, B2B products positioning and so on. No longer do I want to keep those great thoughts away from the rest of the earthlings. So, here you go, you can read them right here.

Apart from my other areas of interest, I love reading any thing printed. There are gifted writers, thinkers out there. I am not going to compete with them.

Like many others, I had starting trouble. The problem was not in writing down the interesting thoughts but more to do with ‘Getting Started’. Procrastinated so long it became a mind block. I felt I needed a super introduction. Most of the ideas were jotted down but never went public because “getting started” was not happening. Realised no one cares.

I am the co-founder and CTO of a SaaS startup ‘Yfret Technologies’. Yfret’s mission is to help online marketers reach out to their customers in smart and effective ways; Our platform makes the whole process easier. We want to make the marketer smarter by dumping the dumb things out of their way.

I like to keep my articles crisp, relatively shorter and informative.

More later.

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