Leadership is common SciENCE

Contrary to varied opinion and debate around Leadership and its habits, effect and so on, most of us observe, experience and perform Leadership in many forms, forums, actions, styles and even in simple manners. Perhaps we ought to look at, Consider and recognize Leadership in a perspective that they are not just real leaders holding prestigious positions, they are not lead or senior managers holding major revenue, they are not chiefs holding too many units or corporations under their belt, they are not very influential people by virtue of their financial, political,social or dynastic backgrounds.

Here is what I reckon are major thinking, behavioral, working patterns of great leaders and their virtues,

Anticipation : They have an ability to anticipate work / society / population patterns and are in a position to prepare, adjust accordingly. They lay emphasis on prevention efforts as well as productive efforts to be natural.

Break-free : They can break free from their positional strengths and become a normal resource or team member for the sake of the goal, its achievement no matter to their ego, financial or organizational structure.

Estimation : They seek details, factors, estimation to prepare, find and evaluate and not afraid to revise estimation, expenditure, resources or even strategy based on actual details.

Fierce : Once they figure out the work involved in reaching the goal, steps to be taken, alternatives etc, they will eb fierce in their communication only to drive but be flexible to get the teams, followers, many on-board for postive results.

Human : They are human to accept mistakes, failure as just an outcome and remain to be grounded. Needless to say they remain and seek human development and enrichment.

Invisible : They have virtues and skills to promote pople who are silent performers, recognizing visible and invisible achievements.

Normal : They have learnt and become natural leaders to be mature, professional and not project their skills as an art or a science but just as a form of simple, straight-forward working habits to pursue and promote ethics, performance by anyone, everyone without any bias.

Student : They exhibit keenness to learn any from any without any sense of ego, regret to actively participate, contribute or delegate based on their actaul strengths and areas they do not have an insight into.

Quotient : They seek emotional, informational quotient from themselves, teams and stake-holders to imbibe and deliver productivity in their efforts and solutions.

Simple : They possess such simplicity and strategic thinking that can turn obstacles, challenges into learning lessons and put the corrections into the working practice.

Perhaps the legends, warriors, influencers were so greatly dominating and formidable that they lack an eye for noticing and encouraging a leadership virtue that lies in humble, analytical, silent, sensitive but yet thoughtful form of leadership, Probably we need to disassociate chiefs, managers, heads from leaders. For the benefit of society, corporations and more importantly for the people that is.


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