Music, Loud and Proud and Just About Everywhere

Aug 28, 2017 · 2 min read

The vssl system is the ultimate tool in playing music, loud and proud, throughout the house. The system includes an app and a speaker system to get it to just the right dial. Users can play any music in any room from a single device. It works by having an app on a phone or another kind of mobile device. Users will then set up the backend of their system through the phone. The app will load up various music outlets, such as Spotify or Pandora. Users can basically open up the playlist through the app.

The Playlist

They can then select what playlist will be played through what channel. The channels are listed based on the extent of the system. Users can have one or three channels, which corresponds to one to three different rooms. Users can have as many different channels as they see fit. There is no real limit on a number of output channels a user can have.

How to Use It

It is really as simple as that. Users have a device. They upload a playlist or open it through the device. They select play through whatever channel they see fit. It is the quintessential party tool, and it is not hard to imagine how this could be effective. But, the system can work in far more ways than at a party. Looking to clean the entire house? Users can set up multiple audio channels at once to play different things.

Users can wander from one room to the other and hear the music change accordingly. It is also possible to have one playlist through multiple channels. It can even be timed to play at a certain time of the day, which is great when it is lunch break time and the music heats up the house.

Users can be creative in how they want to use the vssl system. The sky is the limit and it is only defined by how users want to deploy the music they have available. Make it a massive 80’s throwback dance party. Make it a relaxing place to enjoy some free jazz. Have different family members enjoy different musical styles in the comfort of their room. The set-up is extraordinary in how free and open it is.


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