‘Boku dake ga Inai Machi’ or ‘Erased’ — A nostalgic journey

Anime have always been inspiring to me. They had a tremendous impact on my life. I love a good story. I love to put myself in the situation of a character and see things from their perspective. Today I’ll talk about an anime which took me back to my childhood days and made me think hard about the question ‘What would I do differently in my past, if given the chance?’ It made me feel nostalgic.

Close your eyes and try to picture your childhood. Recall it as best as you can. Try to remember your childhood in a flow. I bet you could only see highlights from good old days. Those bittersweet moments and innocent way of looking at world can’t be forgotten so easily, but what we fail to recall are the details. We think we remember it all but when we focus harder, memories tend to be fuzzy collage of moments.

Goofy moments Erased

‘Boku dake ga Inai Machi’ revolves around the protagonist possessing the ability to travel back in time, in an attempt to change certain events from happening in present. Our protagonist is put in a situation where he remembers snippets from his past and tries to recall order of events by reliving his childhood in an attempt to the change his present. This show focuses less on its supernatural aspect and tends to focus light on how we make decisions differently in the hindsight. How a tiny detail can have a tremendous impact on people’s life. Its story progresses in a seamless flow from moments where our protagonist is playing with his friends to moments when he is trying to save people from dying.

It no longer remains an animation for me when I look at the character and able to connect with it. It touches me when tears roll down our protagonist’s eyes when he eats dinner cooked by his mother, who is sitting across the table, whom he believed he would never see again. When receiving gloves as a present could mean world to someone. The story moves forward and just when I try to relax into the show, it adds in few twists to keep me on edge of my seat. It’s a show you could watch in one go if you choose to binge watch. This show was a good mixture of psychology, crime and drama. If I had to pick one word to describe the show. I would say ‘nostalgia’.