Kehlani (Final)

Kehlani is a rather unique artist and no somebody that i had previously looked into at all. However she seems to have a wonderful passion for performing as well as the music and all of the people around her. With her i would like to see her be more in depth with talking about different aspects of the album. Typically artist will be interviewed and give a brief overview of an album, maybe why they wrote it, who worked on it with them, and when it will be released. 
 Kehlani seems like someone who fans really want to connect with on a more personal level as well as someone who wants that to happen. Personally, i’d like to know more about the artwork. Information could include who the artist that created it were and why she chose them to work on it. Why it look the way that it does , did people just set up a photo shoot for her and then come up with the art based off of an idea they had, or were they following a directive from Kehlani . It may turn out that the artwork/what the album cover looked like, was not even much of a concern for the artist, maybe she has minimal input when it comes to design and visual presentation.

Additionally artist typically talk about why they wrote an album or certain songs or what the inspiration/influence to do so was. More often i’d like to see this taken a little further in ways such as talking about what direction the artist hopes the album steers their career. Do they want this to come off differently as past releases, rather the same, or will it be a blend of different elements influenced by something in their life or around them. It would also be nice to hear from her as far as what she thinks the direction her career is going whether or not it was intended or it just ended up happening due to other circumstances. An example here would be how she recently had track featured in the movie Suicide Squad. Was this something she pursued because she likes these types of movies ? Perhaps her intention was never to be featured in film at all and it just worked out for her.

I understand that certain topics for her may be tabooed or better off avoided either because of what her label expects/is ok with, as well as questionable posts from her past that may have been deleted due to the nature of the topic/content. However she could still increase the number of posts on her media outlets without being to outspoken on a certain matter or to extreme to any extent/opinion . Primarily she seems to use twitter to connect to fans however she does not make many tweets/likes/retweets in relation to fans and she could increase the frequency.

I unfortunately do think that using all close friends to build your staff/team can be flawed, though there are some people who’m it works very well for. She seems to not exercise much caution at all when it comes to trusting her friends, although i do not know these people well enough to make a personal judgement, it does go wrong for some people.

Kehlani and her team do a decent job of using all of her media outlets, and having just signed to Atlantic in 2015 things are more than likely still being organized and figured out as far as what works and what they want to do. In the future perhaps she should consider bringing on some staff/collaborating with people outside of her team/friend group.

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