Being strong is your only choice

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”
Bob Marley

I don’t know if you knew this quote before, but since I read this quote for the first time I could understand how big and meaningful it is in these words.

I believe that everyone at list once saws yourself in “the worst place in your life that you ever being” or maybe now your are pursuing a goal and you hit against a wall and you are struggling to overcome the odds and for one moment you start to doubt yourself. Even when your goal is something soulful and you start to question yourself “God Why? Why does this happen to me? I just want to take care of my wife and my children, I don’t want to steal from anybody”.

I felt that way many times in my life and just because I kept moving, kept plugging away I could overcome and finally achieved my goal. Suddenly I realised that all these problems make me learn something and I became a better person, improving my skills. In addition, now I looked back and I understand why I need that lesson.

Have you ever something like this happened to you?

I couldn’t realise while I was fighting against the problem, just after taking responsibility for my actions and accepting that my only choice is being strong and go through It. If you aren’t able to see yet It’s because you didn’t pass through so It’s time to focus on your progress each day you have to focus on your progress and forget the words “give up”.

You can always batter your best, you can always go beyond…so believe in your self even when no one else believes in you because you are more strong than you ever thought.

Vinicius Stevam.
I hope everyone liked this quote and saves to help you as It been helping me.