Anbes 359 — Chi-Fi True Wireless Earphones Review

Vitali Stolpner

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get great sounding true wireless earphones.

Design / Build

The case is probably the first thing that anyone will notice about these headphones — the UFO look is definitely polarizing, but it also won’t blend in with all the standard black boxes. The case is also quite slim, making it very pocketable unless you have rather tight pants. The earphones are quite small and completely black. They sit very securely in the ear and have a slightly deeper fitment. The button is a little hard to press and causes a weird sealing issue for me, but doesn’t really bother me much. The button lets you control playback, volume, and answer/end calls. Note there have been reports of the rubber cover on the button falling off — a dab of glue will fix that right up.

The seal on these earphones is quite amazing — I actually use these for woodworking and they work better than any other IEM’s, blocking out more sound and letting me listen at lower volumes with machinery in the background. The eartips aren’t the best, but they’re good, and there is a little bit of room in the case to experiment with other tips.

You might get some occasional accidental presses of the button, but they’re rare. I find that to comfortably press the button I either have to twist the earphones into my ear so they rest against my ear, or twist them out a bit so I can squeeze the earbud from both sides.

Sound Quality

These have, without a doubt, some of the best sound quality in this price range. The sound signature is quite balanced, with plenty of details. But they’re not quite as clear as more expensive units (e.g. mifo O5 Pro). The highs and mids have a good presence and enough clarity to show the finer details of music. The lows is where these start to shine — they are not for bass-heads, but they will definitely surprise you with the amount of oomph these deliver. That said, the bass doesn’t overpower the music and instead really nicely fills it out. You can actually feel the drum beats or cello strings being plucked, without losing details in the guitar or vocals.

The soundstage is quite wide and while pricier models will outperform this one, I don’t believe there is anything in this price range that will do that. Instruments are well spaced and don’t interfere in any way.

Overall the sound quality is far beyond what the price of these earphones would suggest. They are relatively neutral and balanced sounding, and have enough dynamic range to accommodate just about any track you throw at them.


Bluetooth 5.0

I found these to have the best connectivity of any true wireless earphones I’ve tried. In using them for over a month I think I’ve only had one or two drop-outs. There is a strange quirk where occasionally if I pause music, they’ll restart. But they connect again without hesitation.

There is also no audio delay when watching YouTube or Netflix.

Call Quality

As with most true wireless earphones, there’s about a 1 second delay when talking on the phone. Might not bother some, but it really bothers me such that I won’t use them for more than few minutes conversation.

The mic is actually very nice quality and as long as there isn’t much surrounding noise the other party might be surprised to hear you’re using true wireless earphones.


For the $30-$40 that these cost, this is an easy buy. Great sound quality, great connectivity, good construction. Case design is somewhat “love it or hate it” but I don’t believe anyone would fault the design of the earphones themselves. The great sound isolation make these fantastic for commuting and the volume on these is enough to cause hearing loss fairly quickly at peak volumes.

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