Tranya B530 — Improvements on an already great product

Vitali Stolpner
Sep 8 · 4 min read

Chi-Fi continues to deliver on premium sound quality.

Disclosure: unit was provided by Tranya for review. The opinions here are entirely my own.

Design / Build

The Tranya B530 is generally an improvement over the Tranya T3 in almost every way. The case is slimmer, making it more pocketable. It still retains the same lightly-transparent dark smoke lid that lets you see how the earpieces are charging. The case construction remains the same high quality as with the T3. The case of the Mpow T5 on the other hand is covered in faux-leather, making it feel a little nicer, but at the same time the shape of that case makes terrible for pockets.

The earpieces of the B530 fit quite nicely in the ears and make a really great seal to block out outside noise. They have a very similar shape to the T3’s, but now come with touch sensitive buttons. The buttons are great if you find yourself adjusting the volume, skipping tracks on a regular basis — personally I prefer tactile buttons so that I can throw the earphones in my pocket without the case and not worry that they’ll activate (or even just holding them in the hand when chatting with someone).

Otherwise the earpieces fit quite well, make a seal that’s somewhere between shallow and deep, and come with very nice silicone eartips, although a few more options of tips would have been nice.

Sound Quality

The sound signature of these is somewhere between the Tranya T3’s and Mpow T5’s. There is lots of bass but the sound has a nice open feel to it. The highs are nice sharp without being sibillant. While the mids seem a little recessed, they are still very much present and don’t detract from the listening experience. The lows are definitely pushed forward a bit, but only enough to make listening really enjoyable and without taking over the sound in any way.

The soundstage doesn’t disappoint, with having good separation between instruments and providing good positioning of each one. Each instrument is well defined and sounds clear. There is some minimal background hissing audible in some quieter tracks, but I prefer to listen rather quietly and don’t expect almost anyone will actually notice this.

Overall these are great TWE’s which are definitely going into my regular rotation. These are a little more balanced than the Tranya T3’s, but less so than Mpow T5’s, which strikes a perfect balance between being overpowering and letting you really enjoy the bass. The sound is quite crisp and has just enough punch.

Connectivity / Call Quality

The connectivity has been great with these — haven’t had any drop-outs whatsoever and watching YouTube or Netflix hasn’t shown any audio delay (using Android). When taking out the earphones initially the pairing process was easy — the Tranya T3’s had this down and the B530’s just continued with the excellent connectivity.

Taking phone calls on these was great as well — I still wouldn’t recommend these or any other TWS earphone for business phone calls, but for the occasional chat, in a quiet environment, these are great. The mic gets the job done without any issues as long as there isn’t much background noise, but I have had one or two people complain that I was too quiet.


The Tranya B530’s are an easy TWS headset to recommend. If you’re coming from AirPods — you’ll be blown away by the sound quality, and if you know what good audio actually sounds like — you’ll be surprised what these can accomplish at their price. I’ve really enjoyed testing them out and they’re replacing some of my regular rotation TWE’s. While the touch buttons work great, I do wish Tranya had stuck with physical buttons, but that’s just my personal preference. Just about the only thing to fault here is the continued use of microUSB when USB Type-C should be the standard now.

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