True Wireless Earphone Reviews

Vitali Stolpner
Jul 23 · 5 min read

I became interested in True Wireless Stereo earphones sometime after Bluetooth 5.0 became more ubiquitous. I got a free pair of terrible quality TWS earphones and decided that I wanted to look more into it. Joining the Head-Fi discussion on this brought out some amazing Chi-Fi units, but with so many terrible quality units, I wanted to highlight the stars of the show.

I would recommend all these products, but read my reviews for more indepth analysis / explanation, and purchase links.

I’ll be updating this page as I go, and I’m ordering this list with my preferred earphones at the top.

Mpow T5

Chi-Fi never sounded so good — a comparitive review
The Mpow T5’s have a fantastic sound quality — great soundstage, neutral and balanced sound with a good amount of bass but one that’s not overpowering. Though a rather large case and more connectivity issues than would be ideal reduce the overall pleasantness of use.

Shanling MTW100 (Balanced Armature)

Ambient mode comes to Chi-Fi with rich and detailed sound
The Shanling MTW100 bring some very rare features for true wireless earphones, especially when you consider these are Chi-Fi and that they’re well under $100: Knowles Balanced Armature drivers (dynamic driver version also available), ambient / passthrough mode, Qi wireless charging. And to top it all off, the audio performance is absolutely outstanding, along with one of the best microphones in a true wireless earphone.

Tranya B530

Chi-Fi continues to deliver on premium sound quality
These strike a wonderful blance between the Tranya T3 and Mpow T5. There’s enough bass to enjoy it, but not so much so that you get a headache after a while. If you want a single set of TWE’s, you won’t be disappointed, but personally I prefer having the Mpow T5’s and Anbes 359 for clarity and Tranya T3’s for heavier bass.

Tranya T3

Premium sound quality from Chi-Fi
These, along with Anbes 359, are my current go to pairs and have some of the best sound quality out there. If you’re willing to spend around $40–50 on a pair of TWS earphones, you will not go wrong with these.

Anbes 359

My first TWS earphone review
After browsing Head-Fi for days I decided to buy these, and at $30 I was extatic at their sound quality, unique case, and tiny design. These have a lot of rebranded knock-offs making the rounds, but if you can find an original Anbes 359, or a Kissral R18 (same great sound quality), you won’t be disappointed.

mifo O5 Professional

Premium Chi-Fi TWE deliver on promise
Ever since my first pair of Knowles balanced armature earphones some 10 years ago, I became addicted to their absolute clarity in sound reproduction. The mifo O5 has that same clarity in sound in a very unqiue and clearly premium package. Look for TFZ X1 for more color options (same great sound quality). They’re a bit pricier, around $80–90, but the sound quality is definitely there.

Wavefun XPods3

Qualcomm comes to value Chi-Fi
This one was a freebie from AliExpress, though I was curious about this one long before. It’s a somewhat bass-heavy sound with a warmer tone resulting in slightly recessed mids and highs. The sound quality most closely resembles Tranya T3 in my opinion and both have their own merits. This also comes with a Qualcomm chipset and one of the smallest cases I’ve seen to date. For $30 these are fantastic and an easy to recommend earphone.

Astrotec Motivation (aka. S80)

Beryllium in a Chi-Fi TWS
For those not familiar with Beryllium, it’s a metal that coats the driver to improve sound quality — most famously used by Master & Dynamic in their industry leading MW07 TWS earphones. I think the driver is definitely capable, but I found the audio tuning focused too much on high and low frequencies. And their shape meant I couldn’t get them to fit right. That said, at $40 on sale, I would still recommend them.

Tiso i4

Chi-Fi ear thump
This one was sent to me for review, though I did hear great things about the Tiso i4 before that, and listening to them in person, I was not disappointed. The amount of bass these deliver is incredible. I also really like the tiny size of the case and interesting looking earphones. For $20 these will take your workout where you never thought earphones could.

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