3 websites for the Polish NGO of Landowners

Aug 6 · 3 min read

Client: The Foundation of Landowners of the Republic of Poland

The Foundation of Landowners of the Republic of Poland was founded in 2018, the year when its homeland, Poland, celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the independence. The NGO’s mission is to work on reconciliation and national unity, which the whole landowners’ community has been looking for since 1944. Its goal is to discover the historical truth and to take care of material and non-material monuments of culture and national heritage, which are related to the landowners’ community and the Catholic Church.



Business need: 3 individual projects from scratch

The Foundation was searching for a single IT partner to build 3 individual projects from the ground up. It required a full cycle of web development, including front-end and back-end development, UX and visual design, testing and deployment. One of the key requirements was to build a website with CMS (Content Management System) so that the business owners could easily manage the content on their own after the development is over. Apart from two websites for the NGO itself, the third needed to support the e-Commerce functionality, as it was envisioned as an online web store of the commercial bee-garden established in 1747. The whole project was constrained by a tight deadline and limited budget, typical for any non-profit organization.

Approach: Kanban and BEM methodologies

As the project was performed for a non-IT organization, VSTORM kept a high level of communication with the client to make sure that they are in full control of all three websites after the project is commissioned. The team has chosen the Kanban methodology to manage product creation. To ensure hassle-free updates, VSTORM used the BEM methodology, which allows the fast creation of websites and easy long-term maintenance in the future. The developers’ team has implemented a custom bootstrap-style structure.

The team has chosen Wordpress as a capable and easy-to-use CMS and created a custom responsive design that works flawlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. As for the e-Commerce part, the team built a web store, implemented and tested online payments. All the stages of front-end and back-end development were supported by manual testing and code review to provide problem-free operation for years to come.

In general, for the project longing for 12 weeks, an optimal team of 3 engineers was needed: a PM, a UI designer, and a full-stack developer.


VSTORM created three user-friendly and easy-to-use products with clean responsive design and high performance, optimized for viewing on any device in any circumstances. The client’s new websites are a great platform to connect with the Foundation’s volunteers in the digital world. The whole project commenced in limited time and budget of a non-profit organization. The team ensured smooth communication flow and full transparency of the development process.

Client’s review:

The cooperation was at the highest level. Throughout it, we had excellent and immediate contact with the Project Manager. A nice and consistent atmosphere has contributed to the creation of products that are ideal for our needs. On behalf of the Foundation, “highly recommend VSTORM as a solid IT partner.”

Katarzyna Bolechowska, CEO at Foundation of Landowners.

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