A perfect IT outstaffing model for the SaaS e-commerce startup — case study

Jul 18 · 3 min read

Client: The first startup in Poland to offer e-commerce platform as a SaaS solution with marketing automation

Codarius is the first startup in Poland to offer an e-commerce platform as a SaaS solution with marketing automation and AI algorithms. The company has gathered true veterans with over 11 years of experience in automated marketing of e-commerce projects on the Polish and foreign markets. After 2 stages of pre-seed and seed rounds, Codarius started working on a scalable model of a SaaS solution and building new features for their clients together with VSTORM.


Business need: How to bring Codarius to the next level?

Grzegorz Sadłoń, CEO at Codarius, came up with a problem, which was typical for startups in the seed phase. There were several main challenges on the path to bringing Codarius to the next level:

— continue developing a web platform with efficient scalability based on the microservices written in PHP Symfony;

— reduce web development costs and focus on business development and raising sales;

— follow best practices in code writing and quality assurance to ensure long-term evolvability of the platform;

— find the right person to work with the new customers who need to migrate their stores from other CMS and build custom microservices for them.

One of the main requirements for developers was previous experience in the e-commerce field and problem-solving thinking.

Approach: Fully fitting developer with E-commerce experience to scale the platform

VSTORM connected to the process after Codarius MVP was released. The cooperation started with a trial week to understand if the team suits Codarius’ requirements and workflow expectations. VSTORM works in a scrum framework, which allows systematic delivery of product increments with every sprint and fast reaction to changes and problems. After the testing week, Codarius CTO and VSTORM’s Scrum Master set a plan for the next few months, including the creation of user stories for each sprint and setting priorities. Contrary to the common practice, they’ve been working hand in hand from the start: creating custom modules for popular CMS, building new features for the e-commerce platform in microservices, integrating 3rd parties’ services via API, code reviewing and taking care of quality assurance. Automated testing allows the team to deliver better code in shorter terms.


As a result, Codarius got a developer with good soft and hard skills fully fitting their IT outstaffing needs. Everything went according to the initially planned sprints and was delivered on time. The 30% cost reduction allowed the startup to concentrate on business development and raising sales. The VSTORM team continues working with Codarius on the further development of its cutting-edge e-commerce platform.


We worked together on the software development of our SaaS e-commerce platform. We directly interacted with VSTORM and used an agile methodology for most projects. Definitely, we impressed with their ideas and quality of works. They help to improve and bring our ideas into reality. Analytical skills and focus on problem-solving help us successfully develop partnerships. I highly recommend VSTORM.

Grzegorz Sadłoń, CEO at Codarius

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