How to build a web app that the entire country will be using? — case study

Jul 19 · 3 min read

Client: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) is the biggest non-profit NGO and charity organization in Poland. The GOCC aims to support health care in Poland by purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment for Polish hospitals and clinics, as well as establishing and running six medical and one educational program. Since 1993, GOCC raised over $272 mln in total.

Business need: Build an app in just a few weeks with no right to make a mistake

GOCC was searching for a solid IT partner ready to accept the challenge: build an app in just a few weeks with no right to make a mistake, for the entire country was about to view it within the annual sports event. Over 1,700 people in 7 cities were about to use this app within an annual non-profit event. It had to serve two user types at once: event watchers viewing the online scores and winners on big screens in malls, as well as event coordinators who needed a handy management tool in their mobile devices. GOCC had their own identity and UI kit for future designs and events, so they were looking for a design meeting their standards. They envisioned an end-to-end solution that they would use annually, with a product design according to their UI kit, front-end, and back-end. On top of all, the product quality was the top priority — there was no place for a mistake at the event of such a scale.

Approach: Agile framework with best practices in javascript

As GOCC is a non-profit project for the Polish children, VSTORM suggested creating a web app only covering the costs of the development team, without any extra charges, and help them earn money for medical equipment for the Polish hospitals. The team ran a short workshop with the client to understand their needs. This allowed GOCC to clarify their vision and share it with the developers. The team of 3 was involved in building the web app: one product designer, one full-stack developer, and a dedicated scrum master responsible for the process and the project’s transparency. VSTORM started working on the branded design according to the UI kit and on the back-end in Node.js. The crucial elements in creating the web app were: writing back-end using Test Driven Development methodology and the leading practices and standards of Javascript code, as well as a code review by another senior developer. Vue.js allowed to use the development time more efficiently and build the app according to the client’s requirements. The team paid special attention to daily communication via Slack, email, Skype and Google Hangouts. Thanks to the constant connection and daily stand-ups, the client was able to keep a constant track of the development progress. Together with Jira and Bitbucket tools, the project ran smoothly and finished on time.


As a result, VSTORM created a web application using the best practices in Javascript frameworks. It allowed getting a reliable web app that can be reused for the annual non-profit events. The VSTORM Team also supported GOCC during the event to be sure that everything went evenly. P.S. even the President of Poznań city supported GOCC and took part in this event.

7 - cities in Poland involved

1,794 - people participated

17,650 - calories burnt during the event


The web app is excellent. VSTORM Company designed and developed a web app to a very high standard. Their good communication skills particularly stood out, as did their ability to manage the work smoothly.

Kacper Czarnota, Event manager at GOCC

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