Error while switching from DSLR to Mirrorless

I made a minor error*!

When moving from a Canon Full-frame DSLR to my current Fuji mirror-less system, I was so excited about the size and weight reductions that I somehow went full-tilt on keeping my camera unaccessorized. I suppose that could work for some people. However, it basically means that I failed to account for my own personality during the process and felt ‘incomplete’ with my new setup (after the initial excitement died down).

What I’m talking about are things like an extended eye-cup, a vertical battery grip, improved strap system, full featured intervalometer etc. You know what, I’ll even throw a good on-camera flash in that list.

But now I get it. The promise of the mirrorless system is that even a fully outfitted camera will be smaller and weigh less; so there’s no need for compromise. Yes, it sounds so bloody obvious now, doesn’t it? But I promise you, it’s an easy trap to fall into. That, or I’m a giant dumbass.

*: I spent a while trying to figure out whether ‘mistake’ or ‘error’ would be the appropriate word for use in this blog entry, but I couldn’t. I finally used ‘error’ because it sounded better. Any lingo smarties around that could tell me which would be better?

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