On Becoming a Hero

Being a hero is in fact a big responsibility. He has to be consciously aware and continually care about everything going on around him. It’s one of the essentials that individuals has to have. He will always ready to step up the plate and take actions without any hesitation of saing “Yes, I’ll do it.” Always risking his life for a good the good cause to save others. But on the other hands he also maintained in his heart with thinking in mind with something like this, “I am the master of my own actions but my life exist because I’m willingly to take that big responsible to save others.”

This is one of my stories of on becoming a hero started. A few years ago, I was sitting in my car thinking in my mind and thanking the all mighty god for blessing me with a wonderful family and a reward job to support my family. I was abruptly approached by a total stranger with a gift basket in her hand. She was in her late 50’s, long gray hair, large brown eyes with a pleasant smile but with a sort of sadness expression that I could see in her face. It was in the early week of February of 2018 prior to Valentine’s Day. Her voice has a low tone as she said the following words to me, “I need your help. I’m feeling a sense of goodness and heroism from you and your family. I know you and your family will enjoy the companionship of this lovely loving soul who is also in need of good hearted family.” She then lift up a basket and show me this cute adorable soul “a 2 months old puppy”. She continued, “I am offering this gift to you and your family because I know that you will love him.”

He was a chihuahua puppy possibly mixed with Doberman pincher. I meant he looks exactly like one except he was only a few pounds in weight. He has dark brown eyes. His hair was short nicely mixed with black, white and brown. His left paw was white. He Is so small, I could pick him up with my right hand and place him in my left palm.

Before I continued with this new puppy story, let me tell you about the old story. You see, I used to have two puppies a long long time ago. I was lonely and was depressed due to my relationship ship and the lost of my sister to leukemia. It was me who just want to be left alone and to distance myself from family, friends and people. I didn’t want to talk to anyone to share my sadness and I felt so dark inside. I was blaming on every one except myself. I just want to be away from human so I decided to have a dog to keep my sanity.

I went out of town and asked around for any breeders who could sell me their puppies. I found a Rottweiler breeder. He told me that he had two puppies left for sale. He told me that they were healthy and easy to raise. I knew nothing about big puppies but they were so cute. The breeder told me that if I bought both of them, he would sold them at a discounted price. I decided to buy both of them, a male and a female puppies. I did not want them to be separated or lonely. I had them for two months. During those two months, I was happy and I spent every awakening moments with them. I took them out everywhere I went. I took them to the dog park, shopping, walking and running. I feed them a few times a day and talked to them like they were human. My loneliness was desolate in thin air. I was happy again for that moment. I was listening to one the Dwayne Dyers Tape that said something like this, “This moment will pass.” But I didn’t care much about the words. I was enjoying the moments.

What I did not know about these two puppies were their last owner or the breeder did not tell me that they didn’t get all of their shots. He only told me that these puppies were pure Rottweiler breed. He did not mention about the necessary shots that puppies were supposed to have to prevent the Pavo-disease and I was not supposed to expose them to anyone like small dogs, big dogs and people.

Long behold, they both were taken away from me by parvovirus, leaving me all alone. I was so sad all over again. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t sleep. I would thought about those time that I spent with like running around in the park, sitting in the car, giving them a warm soaking bath and hugging them to sleep. I’d started to drink and exercise to be able to go to sleep. I stop looking and stop talking to anyone about dog for many years. I miss my dog so much that every time I saw any dogs that looked like my puppies, I would cried and cried. So I made up my mind that I would not wanted to own any dogs anymore for along long time.

I heard from somewhere either a book or YouTube video that dogs/cats think that they own human not the other way around. In that instance, I was owned by the two Rottweiler puppies for two months but emotionally for a long time. So I did not want to be owned by any animals for a long time until a few years ago in 2018. My relationship get better over times and I’ve learned to adapt and overcome all obstacles through communication, patience and actions. My wife and I got back together and we were in love again. We have a daughter who we love so much. We managed to be strong by spending time and build our family together.

Let me get back to the recent story of on becoming a hero. So in February 2018, a few weeks before my daughter birthday. I was sitting in my car thinking about what she would loved to have for her birthday. My daughter has had asked me about owning a dog many many time. As I was sitting there in my car alone and praying for the blessings, things started to happen. I also learned from one of the elders that, “ what you’re focusing on, expands.” Here is what had happened:

An old lady with a long gray hair and blue eyes dress in a conservative dress approached me with a sad and happy smile. But before she approached me, she asked me politely if she could walked towards me. She was holding a small clear container approximately 1’x1’ covering with a piece of cloth. She said to me,” I have a gift for you and your family.

Inside this container is a two month old puppy. I want you to have it because I know you’ll love it.” She went on telling me a story of how she couldn’t keep this puppy because she already had a big dog at home. She also said this puppy was attacked by her big dog a couple weeks ago due to being jealous. She said that she didn’t want to keep it because she was afraid that it would not be alive.

I accepted her offer and slowly uncover the container. I was greeted by a small puppy who looks at me with his sad eyes and a worried face. He was staring at me and wagging his tail. He looks almost like a baby Doberman with the mixed colors of black, tan and white. It was only about 1–2 lbs and 6” tall. He has multiple scars on his neck and back. I reached my right hand out and slowly placed by his nose so he could smell my scent. I learned from a friend sometimes ago that the dogs sense you trust you when they wag the tail. And they know through the sense of sightings and smelling.

The minute I saw this puppy, I felt connected and empathetic towards the poor soul. My heart was full with compassion. The puppy was wagging its tail, sniffing and licking my hand. I could tell right away that this puppy likes me.

The responsibility of raising a puppy is almost like raising a child.

Raising a dog is a big responsibility because it take times and efforts. It is almost like raising a child. You have to get all the necessary stuff like dog food and water. You have to give it food, clean after it, take it for a walk/running, train it and etc. We have to take him to the veterinarian hospital to get necessary shot, deworming and de flea him. I spoke to my daughter before about all these responsibilities but in the sense of encouragement. She did not get discouraged but instead she promised me that she would take full responsibility of taking care of it. I also had a discussion with my wife about having a dog. She agreed to also help my daughter taking care of the dog.

After hearing the lady’s story, my daughter’s promise, my wife’s approval and good rapport with the puppy, I thank the lady for her kindness and gladly accepted the gift from her.

My daughter and my wife was very happy when I brought the puppy home. My daughter and my wife gave our new puppy a name like I’ve mentioned earlier m, “BueVoo”.

The first night having BueVoo at our home was with a challenge. We tried to comfort him by giving him food, water and blanket and put him in our restroom to keep him warm. BueVoo was crying all night long until we brought him to our bedroom and set him next to us. We had to give him a bath and “de fleas” him.

Our family had indeed taken responsibility to take cars of this little puppy. My wife took it to the veterinarian and paid to get necessary shots to prevent it from having disease.

Having a dog has benefited us mentally and physically kind of like emotional support. My daughter and my wife enjoyed his company and they took him everywhere with them. We took him for a walk, swimming, hiking, drive thru, and to the stores, etc.. He would gave us a very sad look when we leave him home alone. He would waited for us at the front door until our return home. He greeted us at the front door when we returned home. He loved it when we talked to him, gave him a massage and rubbed his stomach. He also love chicken and beef for treats. He would alerted us by barking at any solicitors or mailman who come close to our front doors.

So far, we are enjoying having a small dog. We can easily handle him by picking him up when he’s sick. We’re enjoying having him around. I would recommend anyone out there to get a small dog first before going big with the bigger dog because it’s easier to adjust. Above all, small dogs live way longer than bigger dogs.

Our BueVoo was smart, protective and charming. He listened to us, alert us and cleaned himself daily. The old lady was right, we absolutely love his companionship. We are so happy that he come into existence in our family life. We will take care of him the best we can. Having BueVoo is definitely keeping our family emotions strong and active.

“This is the view on top of the Foresthill, California.”

My wife was very proud of me. She had mentioned many times of her gratitude for accepting the gift from the old lady. We are very grateful to the lady who gave us this puppy. We are forever very appreciative of her kindness and her courage for giving this precious gift to our family. We considered our selves as a kind and loving soul and we love doing great thing for other soul. It gave us the sense of love, happiness and “Heroic”. At the end of the day, it takes that kind of feeling that keep the souls go round and round in this world.

I like to think about the story of my life, create my dream, live it and share it to the world. vsunited1@gmail.com

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