Why I mind few posts on Medium

I have been reading up stuff in medium for quite sometime. And I generally am very appreciative of the art of writing and its nice to see it being fostered so well in medium. It is a place where everyone gets the opportunity to express, comment ,critique , satire about any particular thing they wish.

This post is for all those people who write on medium to share their values, thoughts and experiences in the form of points(life hacks). Posts that have titles like " x reasons for/why x " or similar.

These sort of articles have become too common in every tag on the medium platform. I am no one to lecture you about the way you need to write or convey the thought. Instead, I want to share the experience of reading such posts from a general perspective. I commend you for sharing your thoughts with the medium community and enriching us with knowledge. Being a firsthand note , these posts generally imbibe a new perspective about the topic. And this is the aim for every one of you I suppose. But when you write such posts in the format of bulleted points and title it in such a way, it makes me little sad. And I will enlist all the reasons why I feel that way.

The first and foremost of all is that you have made the article reading a passive affair in the beginning itself. These are suppose to initiate a new perspective and promote thinking about the post long after one is done reading it but when you turn me into passive reader ,I don’t bother. I have lost a significant amount of interest before even I start .

Secondly you stating a number on the title makes it definitive in many ways. It makes me feel there are no other reasons other than that you have mentioned. This leaves me with only two options, either I get satisfied with all the reasons or hate the thought in totality . It eliminates the possibility of me extending the thought for my own personal motives.

There is amazing content under each point you make but as a reader and a schooled person I am always trained to ignore the part below the point because for me its just an extension of the point already made. Your readers miss out the key aspects, like what led you to that thought or how they can imply this on their lives or any other detail that made you write that particular point in the first place. When you write a post, you feel it is valuable enough for people to read and think about it but when you choose such a format of writing your post , you are undermining the value of your thought. Leave that to the writers at BuzzFeed Ideas or @scoopwoop who need to push content every single hour. They have already spoiled the reader and made us dumb jacks who never look for the underlying value in writing nowadays.

Not everything knowledgeable is formulated in bulleted points , most of the educating pieces are immersive and impact full because they guide us in finding but not revealing the answers.

Throughout the post you may have noticed a number of inconsistencies or mistakes and I apologise for them. I am not a good writer yet but its high time someone points this out. Great writing is symbolic to clear writing and bulleted points writing is not one of either. Hope to learn a lot more from you through Medium .


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