Without going through it all…

Every time I kiss someone else

My mind end up comparing it with yours

The tastiness isn’t the same

The flavour isn’t like when I’m with you

Your lips are undeniably what I desire

Tell me how to move past this

Being able to close my eyes

Not picture you in front of me

Your breathe with mine

Our faces roughly touching

My hands smoothing the hair in your head

Just the way you like it

Your touch at the right side of my back…

Seems I can’t get past this

Seems like I’m getting used to you

At the same time when I’m with you

There’s a space between us

Where I can’t let it open

To reach you on the other side

My mind seems to think elsewhere as well

And I can’t seem to talk

Neither do you

Two mutes, maybe two lost souls
Entwined by limbo

Ready to let go when it’s time

The reason why we can’t seem to enter the space between us

Unconsciously we are ready

To walk out to our own paths

Without going through it all

Without going through it all…