Sexual harassment was an episode on The office describing what life was like, also what the women would go through and all the jokes they would be subjected to. Micheal Scott the regional manager would always be the one dissing out these jokes.

Micheal found that women should be treated equally but this shouldn’t mean any and all jokes should not be allowed. Without the jokes then the work place loses its sense of family or community. The jokes were a wide verity of having to do with sexual to capability of driving and working. The fact that most of the male workers thought this was completely normal sent the message that this type of behavior was completely normal. It forced the idea women in the workplace are not treated the same as the their fellow male coworkers and that telling jokes that they may find offensive is completely welcomed. Ironically the position that is held at corporate is held by a woman. All under her must relay back to her, including Micheal Scott. This then counters the idea a women can hold a higher position than a man.

This has had an impact on how we treat our fellow coworkers. Telling jokes is alright but we should all know at what point we cross the line. These types of jokes may send the message to younger viewers that it is alright to treat women as if they are a lower standard. The Office episode makes it seem that though yes women are equal this doesn’t mean they are treated the same. The shows found a way to counter this idea by putting a women in a higher position then a man. This shows women are just as capable as men at obtaining a job. This teaches the youth women are equal and some will surpass other men as far as success in the workplace.

In conclusion women are equal and should be treated with as much as respect as men. Any and all forms of harassment will be treated just as serious. As well as women are just as capable as men.