The following ad uses more than one but two strategies in its campaign. It shows an image of a infant who is being kissed gently by his father. The need to keep safe as well as the need to show guidance. The words used like gentle touch give a safe and comfortable feeling.

The need to keep safe is present in this ad due to the fact that it is dealing with little children. Most people want nothing but the best for kids, they will make sure anything that could potentially harm them is avoided. The gentle touch of the father is similar to the product. Though it will pose no harm to the child it will clean all and any stains. This is one example of how the need to keep safe is used. The product is meant to be represented as protection from harmful chemicals that may be found in other detergents. It gives off a sense of satisfaction knowing that nothing will harm the child, not even the detergent. Its extremely effective because it is aimed at those parents who just had there child born and may be a bit overprotective. Its also relatable because like all babies it’s extremely cute. The audience feels for the fathers protective needs.

The other need is guidance. This need is present due to its idea of keeping the baby healthy so it can grow up with no complications. This is guidance for parents because it emphasizes the message that no matter what your child’s safety should always come first. Also it shows that picking detergents that are safe for baby is very important. This influences families with young children. It also sends the message to future parents to carefully pick safe products for your children. After looking at the whole ad it uses clear messages to its audience to get its point across on how the product is meant for a certain age.

The ad could be thought to be aimed at a mostly middle class family due to the fact that it is probably a bit more expensive than your regular detergents, it is also a plant based product making it harder to produce. This is no one gender audience but it is unique due to the fact that its a father taking care of the baby and not a mother. This shows how usually social norms do not apply.

In all this ad is meant for parents with small children who may be sensitive to other detergents chemicals. It tells how the product has a gentle touch is made from a completely safe plant based ingredient.