Why Video Marketing Is Becoming An Essential Element

Every successful small and large business knows that content marketing is a major part of improving conversions and attracting new customers today. However, too many businesses rely solely on writing and stagnant imaging and ignore one of consumers’ favorite types of content marketing: video.

In today’s fast paced world, many consumers prefer a short video rather than a long article to describe a product, service, or concept. Most people learn better when they can both hear and see the information, so videos often translate better to the customer’s way of thinking.

So instead of having a banner on the home page, imagine a first time visitor comes to your website, and he/she is immediately presented with a 2 min video explaining what your product or service is all about. You can rest assure their attention for the first 10 secs will be held and captured and that all it takes for you to achieve a potential customer!

Furthermore, a study by comScore, a website that measures online engagement, shows that 100 million people watch a video on the internet each day. Many of them only watch the most viral productions, but excluding that, the average person spends nearly 17 minutes watching online video ads and product descriptions every month.

When you take into account the fact that most videos are no longer than two minutes, this averages out to about two videos per person per week.

These statistics and more speak to the overwhelming power a video has when enticing customer engagement. ComScore also showed that 90 percent of shoppers find videos extremely helpful when making a purchasing decision, and that 64 percent of customers are likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.

If you’re interested in making a powerful statement in very few words, consider any of these seven ways that you can use video marketing to improve your company’s marketing strategy.

1. Drive Traffic With How-to Videos

How-to videos catch viewers with prime buyer intent. They have a problem they want to solve or something they want to learn. It is up to you to show them how to do it. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 Millennials say they purchased a product as a direct result of watching a tutorial or how-to video about it.

Come up with and share uses of your product. For example, explain to consumers how to tie a tie or show home cooks how to make certain recipes for your ingredient. Don’t try to sell your product in this type of video, just focus on instructing your audience.

2. Describe Your Brand

When people visit your website, often one of the first things they wonder is exactly who you are and what your mission is. You could write a lengthy “about” page, but it’s tricky to say just the right thing without getting long, wordy or confusing. You’re also limited in the amount of images you can use to describe your concept.

Let’s face it. In nowadays’ fast-paced world, users prefer a short fun video to a textual content (even if it’s a quality one) if given a choice. So, promoting your website through an explainer or company introduction video can be considered [an] effective strategy.

3. Enhance Landing Pages

Most of your outside content generally ends with a call to action that has one goal in mind: get people to your website. A call to action is an extremely effective way to do that, but it doesn’t end there. You need an effective landing page so that when customers visit your website, they want to stick around.

A video is one of the best ways to keep them engaged from the beginning. “Video should be used on your landing pages whenever possible.

“It provides a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with very little effort.”

Attract their attention immediately by programming the video to play as soon as the webpage opens. You’re almost guaranteed at least 10 seconds of viewer attention, which is often all it takes to land a customer.

4. Garner Social Shares

The key to getting your brand out there and attracting the attention of a wide audience is getting social shares. Because of the gripping nature of the screen, videos are much more likely to gain attention than blog posts. This is particularly true since videos take less time than blog posts.

The best way to get social shares is to create a video that people want to watch. Offer a video that’s mutually beneficial to both parties. Instead of creating a video entirely for the purpose of driving conversions, create a video that will also educate the viewer or provide some value for them.

For example, though not the only one worth using, humor is a universal emotion that provides value for viewers. If you can create a commercial that makes a reader laugh, and then tie it into a call to action that directs them to your website, you’ll have created a video that brings value to all parties. Consumers think the video is worth sharing with others, and you get more brand attention and conversions.

In short, if you want to make a powerful impact on your consumers without taking up too much time, video marketing can be a very effective part of your marketing strategy.

5. Cut Down on Customer Service Cases With Screen casts

Just as screen-casts can help on-board your users, they may also be used to reduce the number of customer service calls you receive.

Rather than use text for FAQs, create videos with answers to your customers’ most common questions. It’s a way to establish trust and credibility. Plus, many people learn better visually.

6. Create Social Proof With Testimonials

Showcasing customer testimonials is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your value to a website visitor.

Ask some of your most loyal customers if they would be willing to record a testimonial for your business. If they are local, invite them to your store or office, or meet them with your camera gear. You can also set up a spot at an event and approach customers there. Have them describe their experience, as well as what problem your product or service solved.

7. Increase Sales With Video Ads

Online video ads are currently the most effective online ad medium, and 72% of ad agencies say that online video ads are as, if not more, effective than TV advertising. Video has a click-through rate that beats normal ads by a factor of three.

Create video ads for your product and upload them to YouTube and Facebook. You can even do short videos for Vine and Instagram.

Again the best part is that to have a promotional, educational, or any video approach or concept, is now within reach and affortable to small business or private indviduals who wish to have one designed.

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