A Technique for Marketing Testers

How should we know why our campaign are failing?

Why our open rate and click rate are dropping? Did our new color button are

Did our new color button are an effect with customer experiences?

so simple … just TEST it with marketing technique and that are

  1. A/B Test
  2. Multivariate Test

What is A/B Test?

It pretty straightforward with wording A/B.

It means we create two different versions of web pages,email or any media that you would like to test it and split our traffic in two-way then we analyze the result to get which one is better.

In the real action, we didn’t have to split all traffic in 50% and 50% we just use 70% and 30% then split the 30% again for use A/B Test technique with this way it will help us to not perform new things with all of our traffic.

What is Multivariate Test?

Same core mechanism with A/B test but different in the number of variables

In A/B test we are focused on a different version of a web page or any media but with Multivariate Test we are focused on elements inside one web page or media.

It’s mean we find a lot of relevant of elements in block or any segment.

If we change these element Would it will effect with customer experience?

What should you use when doing a test?

Simple. version or elements?