Instant Articles is cool, but the web is not so slow

Nor are mobile web browsers. The problem is that that most mobile web sites still suck. When you publish to Instant Article (or Flipboard or whatever) you are “forced” to put in what really matters: content. When you read a story with a mobile browser, for every 10kb worth of content you have to load an additional 100kb of unnecessary stuff such as unoptimized images or videos, blocking ads, social widgets and tracking scripts.

Personally, I don’t need too much eye candy to consume a story, if it’s a good story that’s enough for me, and I’m confident that I’m not alone. I read most web content through Pocket, a “Send to Pocket” button in Facebook iOS app would be really cool for me.

That said, dear Zuck, Instant Article is still cool, I will surely give it a try, but the web will always be much cooler.

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