Initial Thoughts & Impressions

Paramore — After Laughter

Tomorrow, Paramore releases their fifth album, After Laughter. I have spent the past 12hrs listening to After Laughter on repeat. Some initial thoughts and impressions below that have jumped out.

It has been just a little over 4 years since Paramore released their last album, Self-Titled. Lyrically, After Laughter tackles these 4 years and what the band has gone through internally. Songs such as Fake Happy and Tell Me How are the two most obvious, Hayley dealing with personal image, and how the band moves forward with ex-bassist, Jeremy Davis, respectively. …

“It Matters”, is off of Jimmy Eat World’s new album, Integrity Blues.

Failing Relationship: Check
Twinkling Piano: Check
Piano & Guitar Riff: Check (2:42 marker)

I imagine talks last all night
Never bringing up, but every day I want to
I think about us dancing, but it’s not something we do
Well there’s my dream, doesn’t it sound good to you?

New song, Defeatist, off upcoming Eisley album. Can’t wait for an all Sherri vocal led album!

I’m destination addicted
I just gotta be someplace else

Another Anthony Green track here, off his upcoming album, Pixie Queen, to be released September 9, 2016.

Having following Anthony Green’s career through all of his various projects, it’s always his voice that draws me in.

So, this will actually be multiple songs. Today, Brand New released 3 Demoes, Reworked. This is a collection of 3 of the 9 demoes off of their Leaked Demoes 2006 album, but with reworked versions of the songs. It is kind of surreal to hear these songs again 10 years later. I can still remember obtaining the original leaked demoes during high school. Enjoy!

Today in Vermont, a law went into effect that impacts what products can be shipped to Vermont stores. The law essentially requires genetically engineered ingredients in products to have GMO labels. WCAX, a local news station released this story about how Price Chopper has lost 3,000 products over this new law.

From what I can tell, most people seem upset about this, as this means, you now have fewer choices to choose from. My own thoughts are that while GMO labeling is a good idea, it would make more sense on a national level. When Vermont passed this law, did…

New single from Brand New, I am a Nightmare. Could it be for a new album? One can only hope.

I have been listening to Allison Weiss on and off over the years, but could never fully get into her music, until her latest album, New Love. I think it could be the synth pop direction that drew me in. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Forrest Kline of Hellogoodbye produced this album.

Christopher Lei

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