Remote vs. In-House — Who should you hire?

Remote vs In-house team

Remote work is the new normal now. Remote working was not so common back in the day. Someone would have dreamt of working for a company situated in another part of the world, but it seemed tough. Gone are the days where working from a distance can surprise anyone. Such shifts in the market have opened the paths to outsource bigger tasks, projects and roles.

Remote work is here to stay

Let’s discuss some facts and figures regarding remote work. In June 2020, a study by Stanford University found that 42% of the US workforce was working from home full time.

The work efficiency has fairly increased because it is preferable for the employees to work from the comfort of their homes. I am here to dive into the question, Who should you hire? Remote or In-house?

In house hiring challenges

The biggest challenge is hiring a single competent developer let alone hiring a whole team for a development project. Finding the right people at the right time for the right project consumes a lot of time and resources.

Lag in recruitment often affects the company’s execution of projects in time. Highly skilled professionals do not want to relocate unless the offer is really huge. Recruiting the experts consumes time, effort and man power. It can cost the company big projects and critical amounts because of wrong hiring when you want to hire in a shorter time span.

Remote Team Perks

The biggest perk of having access to remote talent is that you are no longer relied on your limited resources. You have all the inclusivity of creative minds from all over the world that can work for you from the comfort of their homes. The flexibility of the remote teams help you to develop apps and websites in a shorter time. Hiring remote employees for software development projects is economical as well as time saving. One has to spend ample time in hiring a remote team that works with you for a long time in future. In case of a remote team you do not have the headache of providing them with the assets or liabilities and you can save on natural resources as well.

This means you need to be very careful while hiring your remote teams and verify the reputation of that team so that you do not face any delay in your critical projects completion.


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