Diversity Management — A Growth Enabler

A workplace is full of individual diversities and similarities. Diversities create misunderstandings and similarities create competition; probably sometimes the negative ones. Though, both have their own positives. To deal with all the negative possibilities related to diversities and similarities, HR managers have to face multiple challenges. To be more specific, converting these negative aspects into positive vibes in a working environment requires more responsible hands. It requires a robust diversity management structure in the organization.

Diversity management is the key to development in organization when it comes to getting over the fiercely competitive global marketplace. No organization can grow with lack of cultural intelligence. Organizations seeking for global market must welcome diversity at one end and one the other hand, they must be equipped for diversity management. Diversity is not about the numbers only, but it’s about how an organization treats its people validly.

Practice Authentically

HR leaders do advocate diversity, but they are not enthusiastically practical about it. Diversity is above having employees from multiple demographics. No one can buy diversity. Organizations have to be authentic about their diversity practices, otherwise employee and consumers will begin to doubt their leadership and authenticity. It is all about responding to the needs of clients in a universal manner. Organizations must adopt a long term strategy to engage diverse talent.

To save products and services in international market, diversity in any business is important to understand the psyche of different people around the globe. Diversity in a business brings a different strategic approach for a different set of people. Today, companies dealing in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) have been effectively practicing diversity from a marketing perspective. Diversity is much more than just a multicultural issue. Diversity is about embracing many different types of people, who stand for different things and represent different cultures, generations, ideas, and thinking.

Diversity as Future Success Factor

IBM, one of the leaders in global market, practices diversity management and it has become a critical leadership factor for them. To better understand the future of diversity management, it is important to relate it with a solid practical situation occurred two decades ago when Information Technology (IT) was considered as a cost center rather as a growth driver to businesses 20 years ago. Today, IT has evolved as a profit center. It has become a high priority for organizations. In fact the role of Chief Information Officers has started transforming into Chief Executive Officer’s. Chief Diversity Officers are experiencing the same role shift.

Currently, in well-established and growing business, diverse leaders are making best use of their functions. Diversity Management is all about focusing on talent which can handle different people globally coming from a diverse range of communities or groups or societies. The differences bring true opportunities for those who want to learn and adversity to those who actually don’t understand its importance!

Author Bio: A firm believer of “Everything Happens for a Reason”, Vikash has been writing on plenty of subjects for internet. Presently, he is associated with recruitment technology industry and sharing tips on the best HR practices through the use of HR technology and beyond that.