HR Technology Trend 2016

Technology has tremendous influence on various segments of life. It has made both — intellectual and physical procedures smoother and faster and less time-consuming than ever. Technology has cut down the labor and time spent on physical processes. On the other hand, to all the mental actions where little or no labor is required, technology has made it possible to save time.

In recruitment sector where everything is more about mental actions to complete desired hiring activities, modern tools have drastically changed the entire scenario. HR technology has not only penetrated the industry so aggressively, but it has benefitted HR leaders to work more effectively and save a lot of time.

Recruitment is one of the sectors that was completely based on manual operations is now performed through technical advances. The entire face of recruitment industry is changed now. Recruitment isn’t recruitment, it has become “recruitment technology” today. Therefore, if any change happens in the similar field, it happens to the technology itself. It means software gets updated, the recruitment technology gets better. The speed of progress is appreciable.

As per a recent survey by NASSCOM, there is an increased use of technology by HR to take the candidate and employee satisfaction rate upwards. On the other hand, with latest HR recruitment technology, we are able to analyze attrition and improve employer branding. The sale of HR recruitment software in India is touching new heights. It is interesting to witness a growing number of start-up companies that deal in products and services are aggressively looking for enhancing their HR processes through HR technology. The reason is they want to increase the efficiency of recruitment process to hire without investing much resources.

Besides technological aspects, the research indicates different priorities of HR. Following are the points that would highlight the aspects other than technology that companies looking for:

· Embracing multiple resolutions to meet niche skills needs

· Engaging with employees to form a robust business culture

· Focusing on the talented workforce to fulfil the need for domain specialists.

· Preparing for a digital future

· Emerging as a planned business partner that is already looking ahead for new business imperatives so that it can help develop a great leadership pipeline.

The latest technology that companies are using will be replaced by more powerful technology as the time passes; this is the truth of technology. Technical upgradation is a continuous process and companies that are using it get benefitted whenever it gets updated.

If one is looking forward to take most out of the HR technology and its updates, SaaS (software as a service) based HR recruitment software is leading in the race. Choosing SaaS HR tools is a smart choice that would provide you the maximum benefits of using HR technology. For more information on SaaS based HR tools, please click here..

Author Bio: A firm believer of “Everything Happens for a Reason”, Vikash has been writing on plenty of subjects for the internet. Presently, he is associated with recruitment technology industry and sharing tips on the best HR practices through the use of HR technology and beyond that.

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