More Multi-National Companies to Bring Abundance of Jobs in Chennai

Chennai is the center of numerous engineering jobs due to its huge automotive industry setups and associated industries. The city is going to become more prominent place for jobseekers as 98 multi-national companies will soon start their operations in Tamil Nadu.

Jackpot for Fresher and Students

Fresher need not worry about their career as these companies will be providing around 4 lakh jobs. Moreover, students will have abundance of job opportunities already available to enter different niches. Students who are looking forward for the city should learn an occupation and become experts in their domains to take advantage of the opportunities available. Existing companies are already offering apprenticeship to the fresher under various training programs.

As per the minimum wages act, companies will provide salary to the apprentices during the three-year training program. They will offer 75%, 80% and 90% of minimum wages as salary for the three years respectively. Once candidates complete the three year apprenticeship and satisfy the norms, the companies will offer them jobs. In addition to the job offers for eligible candidates after the competition of apprenticeship, they will be provided with the National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC). The certificate is recognized globally. The chief minister of the state is implementing many beneficial schemes for the welfare of the backward class, most backward class and de-notified communities.

Companies Entering the Zone

As we know the major player in the state are automotive and allied industries, with the coming of 98 multi-national companies, the state will be serving in the subsequent industries as well or provide more power to the economy:

· Pharmaceuticals

· Engineering Procurement and Construction

· Software & software services

· Electronics Hardware

· Banking & Finance

· Aerospace Industry

· Various FMCG

Chennai as a Leader

Chennai, being the capital of Tamil Nadu and the center of commercial activities, will be one of the crucial places for more companies establishing their businesses soon. Many other jobs in Chennai in different sectors will be ready soon for serving the needs of many more batches of fresher and students. Currently, Chennai is known for an automotive hub, but soon with 98 multi-national companies, it will be serving individuals from different backgrounds and skill sets.

Youths should make use of the job opportunities and skill training being provided by the government. The effortful present brings path breaking success to the doers and students who are already putting their best foot forward would churn out history-making victory!

Author Bio: A firm believer of “Everything Happens for a Reason”, Vikash has been writing on plenty of subjects for internet. Presently, he is associated with recruitment technology industry and sharing tips on the best HR practices through the use of HR technology and beyond that.

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