Resume Parsing in Layman’s Term

Resume Parsing is a mechanism which allows the users to process resumes by extracting data in a smart manner. It helps recruiters to resourcefully accomplish digital resume documents sent through internet.

Recruiters use this mechanism to create easier and well-organized job application screening procedure. Resume parsing allows recruiters to digitally collect, store and consolidate the information which are contained in job applications or resumes.

Once this information is attained, the user can easily search data using phrases and keywords. Therefore, instead of looking through hundreds of applications, the technology categorizes and searches resume for the recruiter.

It can also mine contact details, work experience, required skills and education. In addition to these standard pieces of details, recruiters can customize fields to implore data that may not be included in a customary application. Resume parsing technology has proven its caliber so far that that some best resume parsing tools in the market can achieve precision level near human accuracy with up to 95% effectiveness.

This technology is so fast that process is now so fast; recruiters are able to offer a better candidate experience with rapid response times. When there aren’t 40 resumes to read through, recruiters can get to the interview process and fill positions much faster.

Candidates should consider what resume parsing means for them. Because this technology is becoming more cost effective and such an incredible resource saver, it is becoming standard in most recruiting firms and mid- to large-sized organizations. This means that candidates need to change the way they apply for positions and write their resumes.

Candidates used to have a standard formula for writing a great resume, but the way these resumes are processed is totally different now. Candidates no longer craft a resume to wow a recruiter, they need to concentrate on being relevant to a parsing system. This means no more fancy fonts, borders or images.

Additionally, candidates must consider the parsing process from the recruiter’s standpoint. Recruiters will craft a job description or listing with keywords that will also be used in the parsing process. This means that candidates need to locate those keywords or industry terms and use them in relevant places in their resume or application. It’s a pretty easy hack, but few candidates know about it. Knowing about the parsing process helps candidates get their resumes seen by decision makers.

Resume parsing technology is only getting better and more affordable. Although the price of this technology may not have drastically changed, with each upgrade and additional tool, the ROI only increases. Many resume parsing programs have made it possible for candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profile simply with the click of one button. As the technology gets better, resume parsing programs will become standard in HR departments across the board. Knowing your way around this technology will then also be the standard.

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