Resume Parsing — Understanding it Candy-dly

Probably, this analogy helps you understand what does resume parsing mean. A truck full of multicolored (red, blue, green, orange, white, and, purple, black) candies packed in different big-sized boxes arrived at a place where they were used to process further. When the unloaders opened the door to unload the candies found all the boxes torn, opened, and all the candies lying on the floor of the truck. It happened as the truck had to cover a bumpy distance due to bad road conditions. Now, the challenge was to separate thousands of candies considering their color types.

No worries!

The unloaders had innovated a tool to deal with the similar situation which often happened with them. To deal with it, they used a special suction machine. The suction machine on its head had 7+1 cavities which could sense candies through their color and sucks them in. On the tail side, there were 7+1 different pipes leading to the 7+1 different containers filling them with the candies according to their color. The extra one sucked in the broken candies and sent them to a different container. Problem sorted! Now, candies were ready for the further processing.

Multicolored candies — Different Resumes

Candies lying on Floor all chaotically — Huge unsorted resume database coming to you in the form of doc, PDF, Excel, Zip etc.

Unloaders — HR

Resume Parser — The Suction Machine

Containers — Different Categories

Broken Candies — Irrelevant information

Resume parsing is an advanced information extraction technology which enable you to convert unstructured textual information into usable data. It also provides innovative matching and search solutions to make this information available to users or convert it into processes. To know more, kindly click here..