Skill Development Centers in Delhi for more Employability

“Private sector has more opportunities than the government sector”, said the Chief Minister of Delhi. His context of sharing such belief in front of the youths was clearly about ‘jobs’. Recently, he reached out to the youths and expressed the government’s urge to ensure more employability. In fact, the government has already started working towards ensuring employability in the private sector.

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About Skill Development Centers

According to him, the authorities have started setting up skill development centers across the capital through which youths can develop skills and locate best latest jobs in Delhi and other places. Also, the skill development centers across Delhi will charge a nominal fee from the candidates and ensure that their academic degrees are translated into jobs. The Delhi government will ensure that youths are trained job-ready so that private companies hire them.

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The event was the inauguration of Industrial Training Institute (female wing) at Nand Nagri. The newly-built ITI wing for women focuses on skill building of girls from the minority community from the north east district. It is specifically helping the females to study different vocational courses.

ITI Centers are Crucial

The event was the inauguration of Industrial Training Institute (female wing) at Nand Nagri. As Deputy Chief Minister was also present present, he pointed out the importance of ITI centers. According to him, the Delhi University-centric approach would not work anymore. He promised to to bring ITI centres at par with DU colleges. He stated that only 1.25 lakh make it to the premier colleges from 2.5 lakh students.

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What about the rest? To facilitate the rest the government is building all such centres. He congratulated the first batch of 167 students in the newly-built ITI centre. Moreover, the one-year course would be taken into account if anyone decides to pursue further vocational studies in the future.

Scopes are Always Available

One can start doing job after doing one-year course from such centre. It would be your personal decision. Either you can continue studying or you can start doing job. The government will keep providing assistance to upgrade your skills. It will make sure that the window of further studies is still open for you. It will be counted in your full-fledged degree course. It would help one develop the skills and locate job accordingly in the similar sector in future.

If the government has taken the crucial initiatives, it is our responsibility to understand our part. If there are centers available for skill development and it would create difference in our job search, why should we not take it seriously. It is for our benefits. On the other hand, we have to put our best foot forward for skill development programs and work hard to gain the most out of it.

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