The Anniversary of My Undoing
Stephanie Eisler

Having the courage to admit your diagnosis was step one in managing bipolar disorder. Recognizing the signs of on-coming mania and the eventual depression will help that management. Personality disorders are rarely brought into remission. Instead, along with medication, committing to regular CBT (aka talk therapy) and/or psychotherapy, can help moderate some of the underlying conditions. Acceptance of yourself is of primary importance, however.

“If you’ve been hospitalized or experienced recurrent episodes of moderate to acute instability, then you’ve likely had a psychiatrist suggest that you need to accept the permanence of your condition and learn to live with it,” writes Russ Federman.

Please do not give any weight to pop-psych talk of BD “cures.” Such talk only increases a person’s guilt and leaves them feeling that if they somehow tried more, they could reach a similar resolution.

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