A missão do isaac é empoderar escolas para reescrever o amanhã. Para isso, construímos produtos de tecnologia e finanças — e dados são o núcleo desses produtos. Isso é tão importante que um dos nossos valores é “Tudo começa com dados”.

Estamos dando os primeiros passos na construção do nosso time de data science, e temos a oportunidade de definir os princípios fundamentais que orientam a forma como trabalhamos juntos. Esse é um exercício contínuo: precisamos nos aventurar e aprender sempre, na prática. Mesmo assim, acreditamos que é importante definir o nosso norte:

Nós causamos impacto

Nossa medida fundamental de…

To say that Wildlife has been very successful over the course of its 9-year existence is uncontroversial. Our more than 70 games have been downloaded two billion times in almost every country, making us one of the top 10 mobile game developers and publishers in the world. This is a testament to the team’s ability to consistently produce experiences that can engage huge numbers of players, in a way that also makes for a healthy, profitable business.

This is still the beginning of a much more ambitious journey. We aim to develop games that will impact an entire generation of…

Data science has been a hot topic for the past few years, but it’s often hard to understand what data scientists actually do in real companies. They seem to be behind whatever is going on when your favorite streaming app recommends you new songs, or when a ride-hailing app assigns you a driver, but what exactly is their role?

In this post, I don’t try to describe how data scientists can help companies in general — I’ll focus on mobile gaming companies because that’s where I have firsthand experience. Hopefully, some concrete examples will help you form a clearer picture…

Vítor Margato

data @ isaac

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