A Note from the CEO

VTradeExchange OÜ, Estonia


The growth of the digital economy has already disrupted a wide range of industries, including financial, infrastructure, energy, supply-chain, media, music and transportation. The penetration of thousands of FinTech start-ups into all areas of financial services is now bringing disruption to money itself. A crypto ecosystem has emerged, comprised of a diverse set of market participants including tech developers, consumers, merchants, organizations, investors, financial institutions, and regulators. The aforementioned parties are all attracted by the opportunities presented by Blockchain technology and the decentralization of currency.

With the number of new entrants into the crypto market growing every day, there is increasing pressure on crypto-related trading services, such as exchanges, to keep up with market growth. The majority of crypto-related trading is concentrated among the top 20 exchanges, resulting in frequent outages and sluggish trading during periods of high traffic volume and high demand.

It is also important to note that in the past 18 months, cryptocurrency industry’s attention has focused on regulator’s deliberations over how to enforce laws on digital currencies and related operations such as exchanges. We see important developments on a new regulatory front and VTRADE has been pro-actively adopting measures that appear to comply with existing regulation to ensure desired business outcome is achieved.

VTRADE is poised to capitalize on the interest in this decentralized approach to currency. VTRADE’s platform is distinct from all of the top 20 exchanges currently in operation. Not only does VTRADE provide tools to newcomers to the world of crypto-investment and reward seasoned traders for sharing their strategies, the platform itself is built on the same system as the global exchange giant, Nasdaq. Latency and outages will never be a problem, no matter how many users are trading on the exchange at a given moment.

Security is paramount for me, personally, as well as the rest of the VTRADE team. It seems every week we hear about an exchange getting hacked, its users’ funds wiped out, and millions of dollars worth of altcoin lost. Not only does this affect the victims whose funds are often irretrievable, if it doesn’t shut down the exchange entirely, at a minimum it permanently scars its reputation. In fact, blowback from these attacks can hurt the reputation of all exchanges. Investors become weary, not knowing where to put their funds and their trust. As a result, it’s my personal mission to ensure VTRADE is hands down the safest exchange on the market. I encourage you to check out our security features on our site and in our white paper at https://www.vtrade.io.

The crypto market is evolving and the public is beginning to experience a transition towards digital currencies, positioning crypto assets as the future of banking and commerce. The formation of collective trading functions is a necessary response to evident challenges (namely: inefficiency, lack of security and regulatory risk) and addresses the need for greater liquidity, compliance and decentralization. VTRADE is designed to tackle these needs by providing a secure, efficient, multi-featured and easy-to-use trading platform that is accessible to everyone.

I’m confident that VTRADE will accelerate the revolution in the digital economy by facilitating large-scale adoption of crypto assets through our trading platform, which will be a transparent and regulated platform where users can trade a variety of crypto assets with confidence and peace of mind.

I’m very excited to be a part of this fantastic new hybrid traditional/crypto-exchange. VTRADE team shows a strong track record in technology and financial markets, with deep expertise in the area of banking software development, blockchain technology and wealth management. Together we’ll do great things and bring the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies to a massive, global user base. I look forward to taking this journey into decentralized currency; fast, secure transactions; and a supportive, cooperative community with you.

Joson Yeo | Founder & CEO