The Smarter Choice in Growing your Wealth!

A Note from the CFO: Strategic Partnerships

The Smarter Choice in Growing your Wealth!

When I mention that I’ve taken a position serving as CFO for a cryptocurrency exchange, I am often faced with the same questions. Most often people ask me why we’re creating a new exchange when so many already exist. They’re not wrong, there are currently over 700 cryptocurrency exchanges out there. So, what makes VTRADE different? I’m glad you asked.

VTRADE has made innovative strides with respect to security, speed, and user experience that set it apart from its competitors. However, my area of focus is in on our strategic partnerships. There may be over 700 exchanges out there, but how many of their names can you recall? Ten? How many have you used? Two? The truth is, the vast majority of those other exchanges are unreliable and result in a unpleasant user experience. Though they may have the best of intentions, they’re simply not equipped to weather the storms and they blow away in a stiff wind. And many have. Ignoring those whose downfall came from malicious attacks, there are many other reasons for their failures, not the least of which is a lack of strong financial backers and not having a stable, competent team in place. As CFO I have been highly focused on ensuring VTRADE has both.

If our team is our backbone, our strategic partnerships make up our nervous system. Both groups are inextricably linked, one unable to function without the other. I’m proud of and excited by the groups we’ve brought together to form these partnerships. Whether we’re talking about our eight-person advisory board, or the half-dozen companies we’ve teamed up with to provide us with some of the services the platform requires, the quality of our partnerships is unmatched. Our organizational partners are successful, established companies with proven track records. Our advisory board members are not only experienced and highly skilled, they also encourage us to be better than we thought possible, pushing for results we didn’t think we could achieve.

When people ask me, “Why VTRADE?” The answer is easy. It’s so much more than another job; it has become my passion. That should hardly be surprising: getting a chance to work with this highly accomplished team on a project that stands to revolutionize the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency is a once-in-lifetime opportunity.