Together Everyone Achieves More

A Note from the COO

The Importance of Teams

There’s nothing like having a good team. Working alongside a group of people who are all moving toward the same goal improves our work and our morale while we learn and grow from others’ experience. It’s my distinct pleasure to be working with such an impressive team of people in my capacity of Chief Operating Officer at Vtrade.

To lead the strategic planning, development, and operations of the Vtrade platform, we have assembled a cross-functional core team with a variety of skills and experience. We are honored to include among our ranks the world’s most accomplished crypto-exchange specialists, blockchain software engineers, and management consulting professionals. We have also put together an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable advisory board of experienced real world financial services experts.

As we were putting our team together, we were guided by two principles: diversity and expertise. Building a cryptocurrency exchange is not something to be taken lightly. It touches many aspects of so many different industries. It was obvious we needed experts from each of those industries if our exchange was going to take shape. Between them, our founders, Joson Yeo and KL Chai, have nearly 30 years’ experience in corporate and business development. The time they spent in executive management roles has prepared them to put together a top-of-the-line team. The contacts they amassed throughout their professional lives helped them form an advisory board that holds upper management to account while also encouraging innovation and creative problem-solving all while offering their expertise in technology, finance, development, and law.

In addition to our team itself, Vtrade’s partnerships are another important factor in the platform’s ultimate success.

Vtrade Partnerships

·Zendesk: A customer service platform that helps companies improve relationships with their customers and provide them with a seamless experience.

·Shufti Pro: A security company that provides next generation end-to-end Identity Verification services. It is a SAAS product offering KYC and AML verification as its basic features of operation. Shufti Pro’s artificial and human intelligence hybrid technology has the ability to verify 7 billion people living on planet Earth with 99.6% precision. This product was developed to address the gap between quality and availability.

·Ciphertrace: Develops cryptocurrency and blockchain tracing and security capabilities.

·GPS McQuhae LLP: An innovative and dynamic law firm that delivers high-quality, value-based legal solutions with the creativity, efficiency, and price-certainty expected in today’s global economy.

·Green Pro: Specialize in corporate advisory including cross-border listing (IPO), business valuation, market capitalization management, merger and acquisition, corporate formation or restructuring which is a vital part of V-Harvest eco-system.

·ADAQ: An international financial information market that facilitates pre-listed high-growth emerging companies to connect with and access potential investors and synergetic companies. It serves as a stepping-stone for companies to enter the international capital market such as NYSE, NASDAQ, Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), etc.

Working together, we can achieve things far in excess of anything we could do on our own. The Vtrade platform will be a global benchmark for what cryptocurrency exchange should be, but none of that would be possible without the people working together toward that common goal.

As we continue to grow I will be looking for ways to expand our team not only to deliver our road map on time but to bring in additional diversity of experience and expertise.

Mohamed Ali l Chief Operating Officer