Agile Methodology for your life

Okay. Maybe you feel a little strange with the title but it's really what I want to say. There're some problems with all the people I know and maybe Agile can help them to get a better life. Let's take a look on what is Agile and how we can apply the idea to your life.

Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.

Okay, the definition is about software development but in general the main key idea of Agile is Incrementally Improvement and this is exactly what you should apply to your life. I can tell you why and how.

Big thing never comes.

Back to my life, all of the people I know are afraid of big thing. They want to read a book but after they see how many pages the book has, they step back and get lazy. They want to have a well fit body and they take a big exhausted exercise at the first day then stop.

Damn, people are not good at planning for what they should do and take a serious look at what they want to do. And in general, I can say “Big thing never comes”

So don’t plan for big thing in your life. Instead of doing that, plan for small thing as a step of the big one and fight for it. So instead of reading the whole book, you should think about read the first chapter. Instead of do it a big exhausted exercise, do a small one for the first day and increase it in the next day.

By this approach and with your patience, after a while your life will change. And Agile is a suitable methodology to apply, when you split your challenge to smaller one, it will be better to conquer it and it also makes you feel better to handle the pressure (if you have any).

Small improvement is not worth to do.

Another bias of people.

Usually when I ask them to do some small improvements, they will deny to do it. I ask people to improve they job everyday, they say “why do I have to do this small stuff? It’s too small to change my life”.

But damn, if you want to move the mountain, you need to move the small rocks. Now you say rocks is too small and it’s not worth to move, how the hell the mountain will be moved???

Imagine your team is working on a shitty project and everyone is suffering, now if you make a small change to make it better, you may think it’s trivial task to do. But if you keep doing it for 1 year, how much changes will happen? And imagine if all the people in your team are doing the same thing with you, after 1 year you will have a much much better work environment.

If you want to argue about this, look to my example above and you will see. Agile will help you to split the big task to a small one, and now it’s your time to not think the small task is trivial to do.

Long-term vs Short-term

It’s another point you need to think about your life. At the beginning of every new thing in your life (new job, new book, new challenge, etc …) you will have a lot of energy and motivation to do it. But a while later, can you feel the same about it?

I will remind you one of my examples above “You want to have a fit body then you go to the gym and take a big exhausted exercise. After a few days, you stop”. Instead of think about how to have a better life, how to be better in a certain moment of your life, you should think about it for the entire life.

If you face a big challenge, take your time and do every small steps to make you get through it.

For example, you want to know some big subjects that you have no idea about it and you feel really hard, you can take your time and do it slowly. Instead of reading a few book and stop, you can read 1 page/week for 10 years (it’s better than 0 page/week, if you think it’s trivial take a look as the point about Small improvement is not worth to do). Your life will not last for days, your life will last for years, decades and every small improvements will be counted.

Sometimes you can fail, can be tired but it doesn’t really matter. If you’re tired, take it slow. If you’re happy, make it fast. If you’re exhausted, take a rest. But the Agile concept inside you mind shouldn’t be stopped, by this way you will learn how to live your life in a pleasure way. And remember, life is a journey, not a destination and there’re plenty way to be successful, take the way that you feel that you’re living — not just alive

Hope that the article will be helpful for you somehow.

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