The story of Maxim: Why did I join AIESEC and what’s in it for you?

Hi! My name is Maxim Van Vlierberghe and I am currently responsible for marketing and communications at AIESEC in VUB. I joined AIESEC in October 2014 as a member in the marketing and communications team.

The reason why I joined AIESEC is that I wanted to develop my skills while meeting new people. In the beginning I thought I would meet mostly Belgians, and I was surprised to get to know a lot of people who all have different cultural backgrounds. When I got the opportunity to attend an international AIESEC conference with over 400 delegates from everywhere in the world, I was truly amazed. I realized how big the AIESEC network actually is. From that moment onwards I was absolutely sure that I wanted to dedicate my time to this organization and to get the best out of it.

One year later I was ready for a new challenge, I started working on national level next to being active as a member in my Local Committee (LC). During that year not everything went as planned and I was challenged a few times. But in the end this was a very intense and huge learning experience for me.

Today I’m responsible for marketing and communications at AIESEC in VUB, this is my next challenge in life. I have a lot of responsibilities and within a few weeks I will bring together a team that I have to lead. I want to do more than only motivating my people, I also want to inspire them… Inspire them to challenge themselves.

You can be the one who will be inspired, who will learn new things about marketing and communications, who will be part of our team, … I only expect you to be open for a new challenge, to start developing different skills, to realize crazy marketing campaigns and the most important one: to have fun!

Do you want to know more about AIESEC? We invite you to one of our info sessions so you can discover what’s in it for you. You can find all the details of the info sessions on our Facebook page.