Idea Pitch

Slide update:

The change that I did to this slide was deleting one of the photos that didn’t relate to the slides. Another change I did was resize the scanner tool image and reposition it. Lastly I added text to the scanner tool image to make the link between that image and the topic of the slide more clear.

I deleted all the old pictures on this slide and replace them with my drawings of what the product is actually going to look like. I also change the first bullet point to the name of the product. Lastly I added a little bit of information to help the audience understand the features more.




11/28: Blog timeline due

11/29: Start to update slide

11/30: Finish updating slide, start story boarding

12/1: keep on story boarding

12/2: keep on story boarding

12/3: keep on story boarding and start working on video

12/4: keep on story boarding and keep working on video

12/5: Blog Due