Today marks the official introduction of what we like to call the new-new local TV, a project turned startup that we’ve been working on for a little less than a year now.

So, what does “new-new local TV” mean anyway and why are we building it?

Well, here’s the full(er) pitch in a nutshell (even though it slightly changes every couple of weeks):

“Craterland is the new-new local TV.

We’re a video-sharing platform that’s a unique take on traditional local TV networks. Instead of stations, old school broadcasters, and homogenized programming, we tap into the talents of untraditional content creators…

Vu François

Don’t overthink shit. Co-founder of @craterland and @hirekanna. Wrangling the future on @cowboy_b3bop. Studied at @cornell_tech & @tamu .

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