Online mask “Stop violence” which recognize face, created to spread awareness about domestic violence

On the mobile app and social network Selfikon, recently exist online masks that can recognize the face, available for Android devices.

The social network Selfikon has recently added masks that track your face for their Android users. The first mask offered is made so that when you turn on your front-facing camera you get the look of a person who is a victim of violence.
Selfikon created this mask with the goal to raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence in a unique way, and a “Counseling against domestic violence” (Safe House) fully supports this action. Since only reading news on the portals on this subject does not have much impact, the idea is to get as many people as possible personally involved by getting a picture of this mask along with a description #stopviolence and sharing that photo with your friends and followers on Selfikon, Facebook , Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and all other social networks and applications where you have a profile, and by inviting your friends to do the same.
We therefore invite you to install Selfikon, create a selfie with this unique mask and share it on as many online places as you can, and thus personally contribute to raising awareness about this serious issue. As more people, as well as media and organizations disseminating the news, take part in the sharing of these photos, our chances to make a real impact grow.