Chatting with a friend from overseas and we were discussing about how I like living in Singapore. I gave him quite a few reasons. We then moved on to another topic and I shared with him the picture of us walking to a cafe in the neighborhood for brunch. He immediately commented that it’s not possible to do so in his city. His response caught me off guard as I am so used to doing this, to the point that I take being able to walk safely and freely (among other things) for granted and that’s how it should be. I realize I should learn to appreciate more, even in the most simple, tiny things in life as the moment you do it, you have no space to sweat other small stuff.

What a delicious brekkie! Of course, it’s in my appreciation list!

30 mins later, I found myself losing my temper when talking to the customer service of Philippines Airlines trying to cancel my flight to Manila. Just when I felt worse after the call, the above story just reminded me of what I can appreciate from this. To my surprise, the list is pretty long:

  • Gain my Sunday back
  • Not having to stress about the packing, currency exchange, what is the latest I can stretch to without missing my flight, spending waiting time at the airport bookstore (oh wait, I like this experience though!) etc.
  • Totally turbulence-free time (super important for someone who’s scared of flying like me!)
  • Have time to tidy up my room
  • Might have time for even a run
  • Have more time for writing
  • Have more time for sleeping
  • Have time to catch up with friends

The list can go on. All of the sudden, all the stress and anger from having to deal with all the strict rules of cancellation from PAL to the not so helpful & “by-the-book” & “follow-the-script” customer service officer are just tiny comparing to my appreciation list. I am no longer stresses and angry when I realize that I gain way much more than what I “lose”.

It’s quite fascinating to notice the drastic shift in my emotions & attitude. All it takes was just some time to appreciate the most mundane, tiny, simple things in life. We all are capable of building this appreciation list within seconds. We just need to be aware of that power we possess. Just remember to activate it and unleash its power.

What do you need to remind you to appreciate?

What are you appreciating right now, at this very moment?

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