Vultor : Embrace the NFC One-Tap Crypto Payments !
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The Future of Cryptocurrency has arrived

At Vultor, we are on a mission to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry by creating a decentralized banking system that is accessible to everyone. Our vision is to empower individuals, promote financial freedom, and reshape the way people transact with cryptocurrencies.

At Vultor, we are a team of passionate individuals striving for excellence in the cryptocurrency industry. Our mission is to create a decentralized banking system that is accessible to everyone.

Designed to resemble a credit/debit card, Vultor offers an affordable, user-friendly, and secure solution to revolutionize cryptocurrency payments without the need for intermediaries.

Built for Security

Vultor prioritizes the safety of your funds by storing private keys offline in an air-gapped environment. The secure element of the card keeps your keys offline and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Contactless Transaction Verification

With the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC), you can securely sign and authorize transactions and payments by simply tapping the Vultor card on a mobile device. This innovative feature allows anyone to accept cryptocurrency payments easily, making it akin to having a pocket Point of Sale (POS) terminal.

Whether you run a flower business, food delivery service, or beverage sales, you understand the growing demand for contactless payment methods. Vultor provides your customers with a fast and familiar way to pay using cryptocurrency with a single tap.

By turning your NFC-enabled smartphone into a crypto POS terminal, Vultor eliminates the need for additional devices, saving you time and money. No more waiting for terminals to boot up or connect to the internet, or enduring slow transaction processing while your terminal contacts the bank for authorization. Vultor enables true peer-to-peer contactless crypto card transactions.

Vultor’s inception stems from years of curiosity, frustration, and the question of “why can’t we?” We believe in finding innovative solutions to connect the previously disenfranchised and financially marginalized individuals. Our goal is to bridge gaps, sustainably progress, and empower people through a simple and inclusive solution.

Perceived Success of Vultor Coin (VLT)
We envision Vultor (VLT) becoming the preferred method of online payment systems worldwide for both buyers and sellers. Within four years, we aim to acquire at least 5% of the online and in-store payment system market share, resulting in over USD 200 billion in transactions and generating over USD 2 billion in revenue. We also project Vultor (VLT) to surpass a market cap of USD 5 billion within that period.

Why Invest in Vultor Now?
Investing in Vultor now offers the opportunity to benefit from the high growth potential of the overall cryptocurrency market and specifically the Vultor coin. With its potential for a substantial increase in market cap, early investors in Vultor can reap significant gains.

Our Vision
Through Vultor, we aim to create a next-generation system in the cryptocurrency market that addresses industry-wide barriers while enhancing security, user experience, privacy, and value for the cryptocurrency payment industry. Our vision is to achieve a decentralized card payment system for in-store and online transactions.

We envision a world where products and services can be bought and sold among peers using the Vultor card, both in-store and online. By reducing the costs of doing business, streamlining payment operations, and eliminating the need for expensive card terminals, the Vultor platform aims to open communication barriers and foster financial inclusion. All transactions can be seamlessly completed using your NFC-enabled smartphone or device with an internet connection, taking as little as 0.3 seconds, regardless of the transaction amount.

Additionally, the Vultor mobile wallet app enables transactions without the physical Vultor card, allowing you to transact anywhere online using the recipient’s address or a QR code.

For in-person transactions or when there is an established trust between the buyer and seller, you can simply tap your Vultor card or mobile device on their NFC-enabled mobile device to complete the transaction without needing to open your Vultor cryptocurrency wallet. Even if your mobile phone battery is dead or unavailable, you can still make payments using the Vultor card alone.

The Vultor card incorporates an in-built transaction approval system, which can be enabled or disabled with a simple tap in the app settings. If enabled, you will be prompted to approve or reject transactions, similar to the process with traditional bank cards.

Our Background and Vision
Traditionally, individuals have been forced to rely on banks to store and manage their money, resulting in fees, unjust financial control, and limited power. At Vultor, we believe in the power of cryptocurrencies to empower individuals and break free from the financial constraints imposed by traditional banking systems.

Our vision is to provide true financial freedom and support the needs of individuals by allowing them to control their money and decide how they want to use it. We aim to assist small business start-ups by reducing their dependence on banks and enabling them to use their money freely and save their hard-earned income.

Key Technologies
We utilize Near Field Communication (NFC) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enhance the usability of the Vultor system. NFC is a contactless communication protocol that enables secure transactions, digital content exchange, and device connectivity within a short range. This technology, implemented in both software and hardware cryptocurrency wallets, allows for seamless cryptocurrency payments.

NFC facilitates secure and fast transactions by requiring devices to be in close proximity, typically within a range of 4 centimeters or less. By leveraging the capabilities of NFC and integrating it with our platform, we ensure a secure and user-friendly experience for our customers.

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Meet The Fou​nder

Mohammed Hasan CEO / Founder

I am the CEO, Developer, and Founder of Vultor, a groundbreaking company at the forefront of innovation. With a deep understanding of technology and a passion for creating im​pactful solutions, I lead the development of our cutting-edge platform. As the CEO, I provide strategic direction, driving the growth and success of Vultor. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I am committed to revolutionizing the financial industry and empowering businesses with transformative technologies.

Meet The ​Co-founder

Mohamed Redha Co — Founder / ​Business Development Director

As the Co — Founder and Business Developer of Vultor, I play a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our dynamic and innovative company. With a strong passion for exploring new opportunities and expanding our business ecosystem, my focus lies in leading the strategic direction of Vultor, forging strategic partnerships, and attracting potential investors. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to driving Vultor’s growth, expanding our reach, and creating long-term value for our investors and stakeholders.

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