I truly believe woman need to drop the fear, drop the shame, drop the anger, drop the status and comparison then grow. I have found a lot of women never ascend to the places of leadership they need to go because of internal factors/conflict.

Granted, we have external societal and cultural issues compounding us bringing our full selves to the table. However, by in large I have found our biggest hinderance is ourselves.

This is why I am building a platform for women to be able to connect to vetted, certified and experienced professionals that provide self-improvement services like psychologists, yoga instructors and meditation coaches. Women will also be able to connect with one another to share their stories and journeys. #GorgeousWithin



Myself (Tutu and Sneakers) and my good friend Dr. Kelly Page during my #LeaderWithin WorkShop during our recent At #FocusFWD Summit For Women and Diversity in Chicago

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