Below is how the app process weekly by individual (me) and my teammate.

Week 1: We began discussing and brainstorming different ideas for our logos; and also what our app would be, what type of service will our app provide? At the end of the week, we decided on our logo (related to Melon) and decided to use a few selected ideas to be our app.

Main Logo and My Logo

Week 2: Between the two ideas (Melon Farm add-on and To-Do List). We combined the two ideas which the To-Do List includes the Melon Farm. Then, we brainstorm the functions of the app and began to interview potential users and compare our ideas with other apps to improve our ideas. We received many results based on the questions we came up.

My interview and App comparision

Week 3: After finalizing our ideas, we began to create our first prototype. I was responsible for everything related to Group function. We first sketched all the possible function and their interactions on the paper and attached them on the board. Then we made a prototype by Balsamiq which was the draft that I posted outside under this project.

Sketched prototype by me and my Teammate

Week 4: We began working on our final prototype by using InvisionApp. I was still responsible for everything related to the Group function and also help my friends when needed. Below are the few screenshots from our final prototype.

Pages from Final Prototype

The final product of our app could be improved more, such as automatically synchronize the schedule or appointment.. from emails or text messages or voice to our To-Do List App. Even though there are still some things can be done to improve more, our app has been accomplished its design and purposes based on our interviewing potential users. It also has nice visual effects by using Melon Farm, provide social aspect that users can remind each other to complete their tasks. Furthermore, not only can lost-data be restored, but also it provides Group function which assign and keep track the progress of other members.

During the process of completing our app, we had face many obstacles that we did not expect. For example, because this was the first time for all of us that we had to interview users, creating user cases, sketching prototype, learning to use different kind of softwares to create a low to high-end prototype (Balsamiq, Sketch, Photoshop). However, I am thankful for that. Because from these obstacles, I had to learn how to use different kinds of softwares, and I also had to learn how to talk and interview with different type of users.

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